Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There`s no vanity in anger.
This Blenny none too pleased because of it`s lack of preparation, knowing full well he had a scheduled appearance here for Andi, does not like the pose I shot him in.
Well tough luck buddy.
In the header, a shot of Catalina Island to the left, & Santa Barbara island right of center. This shot taken up in Decker Canyon, is part of a set wherein the canyon is also included. Please do go see it. I included a few shots of the serenity in my garden, along with a flaming pink juicy bush.
On Planet Earth, some Orange Zoas, with a Daisy grouping I`m cultivating in my underwater garden.
I forgot to mention I included some jewelry behind the main post.
"Be careful out there."
That`s the line always used before the man hit the streets in Hill Street Blues, an old cop show that a few of my friends were in.


AndiF said...

Hey I love my blennyfits. And that purple guy looks a lot more pissed than the blenny. Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark reef.

Also, other than a freaky eye, what is that in DSCN2783?

olivia said...

LOL! Morning Head and Andi.

He's just upset that he hasn't been featured in so long ... :D

MsNDD said...

Blenny is really blending in with his surroundings. Sorry Blenny, but I'm glad KH caught you in this pose. The DNA of this underwater world is so amazing. DSCN2764 shows some of the beautiful variety. Will look forward to growth of the 'daisy' garden.

Besides seeing the aquariums, driving the coastal highway with NDD would have been a 'trip'...:) He's still in N CA where his friends' internet speed is slower than at the farm.

Knucklehead said...

It is St Paddy`s day. How else would a crab from the Emerald Isle celebrate but with a huge green erection.

Knucklehead said...

Olivia, I think he`s been on board here more than any other of the "Prima Donna`s" that make regular appearances.
I don`t play that game.
He is one funny dude to shoot though.

Knucklehead said...

The denizens of the deep rearranged the garden plots again today, & moved the "daisies once more.
If I see they are not profiting by their new location, I will intervene & husband them in my own way.
I`m glad NDD went the path we discussed. It`s the perfect time & place for a reflective trip inwards also.
Happi, is surely enjoying it also.
As far as internet speed goes, I sometimes wish I had that excuse. (not that I need to make excuses)
I hope you are doing fine in the great white area, & hope to enjoy some of your canning I saw you working on.