Thursday, March 19, 2009

Change of dreams

Ok, first let me get a few things straight.
A while back, dada sent me some photos of his friend`s bike.
I loved the bike, having had one of them in the past.
I promised I would send a photo of it but could not find one.
I knew I had seen photos, or at least an image of it somewhere, but could not remember where.
I had written to dada, telling him the photo would be found & forwarded.
Today, I finally found the photo, I had recently seen, but had no idea where.
While moving something off of a shelf, there it was, framed & all, on a shelf, merely feet away from me. It`s been there on the same shelf, on a wall where one can also see NDD`s fireworks calendar.
In the image of my "Electra-Glide in Blue", a reference to a Robert Blake movie, is my cat Garfield, one of the most loving cats I`ve ever had the pleasure to be influenced by.
So dada, here`s the bike I promised you.
Because I figured some wizardry was involved in hiding the image in plain site, I shot some pix of a wizard that was on an adjoining shelf, that I`d also forgotten about. Please visit the series on Planet Earth to see the "Glide" & Garfield, a rescued kitten that turned out to be my daughter & myself`s best feline friend.(Until Kasper took his place)
He disappeared for a few months one time, & I remember someone, (I know exactly who) reproaching me for not mentioning any emotion over my cat, gone & presumed dead (by that person) for weeks.
I told that person to never judge me by emotional display or perceived lack thereof, especially since I believed Garfield was just on walkabout. That person suggested I was just making delusional excuses, for having been caught, as an uncaring person concerning my cat. (It was actually my daughter`s)
Garfield came cruising in over six weeks later, wondering if anything he should know about had happened during his absence, & after being reassured everything was cool, he resumed his life of ease at the compound.
He eventually was taken to the beyond by the local coyote pack.
In the header, I have a sleeper shot, but don`t hesitate to go beyond it, since I have some hidden temptations beyond it.
There you`ll find extra enticements in case Eve`s first try failed, & some string theory examples, in a form over function still life.
Then, to view the main post, one must be a dreamer.
One must have visited this lagoon in the imagination of adolescence, the wanderlust of youthful dreams & the unattainable realization that comes with our later years. But that should never stop one from dreaming.
While you`re over at Flicker, I did put another set there called "Chief Engineer", you might want to take a look at. This fish, a poster boy for "wizened old age" has become used to me & I can call him out with hand signals. He has not given up dreaming.
This is a long one, & I know you have to get back to your respective lives, but if you`re still reading this, I`ve removed you from your cares & worries, at least momentarily, & for that, I thank you for letting me have a little of your time.


AndiF said...

Cares and worries all always are taken cares of whenever I'm here enjoying your wonderful photos and fine stories. Thank you.

MsNDD said...

Oooo...the main post is so beautiful! There must be a reason I enjoyed The Lord of the Rings & the Harry Potter books so much. Not only are they filled with so much goodness, but they fed my imagination. Great wizard plate!

Nice combination in DSCN3053. I'm storing my daughters' violin - with thoughts of seeing what my own fingers might be capable of some day.

A topic of conversation here these days is that of people who are eager to get out the motorcycle (now that spring has arrived). Our snow is steadily melting...50 degrees this weekend...& the air smells so fresh. Hopefully Garfield had a good life experience during the 6 weeks he was gone. Happi is getting to see some deer in N CA which must be reminding her of her ND home. :)

Knucklehead said...

You are really too kind.

Knucklehead said...

Yes I used to always attend the "End Of Leather Weather" rides every year.
Right now, I`m waiting for a part I ordered a few weeks ago, to be able to ride free again. Real soon.

I decided to do a few still life`s last night, & had recently found an old violin I`ve had for decades.

olivia said...

Hi Head ... thanks for the respite in cares and worries (it's been a rough past couple of weeks - starting w/ getting rear-ended while stopped at a red light) ... thank you, thank you, thank you. :-) And in another example of whateveritis, I'm going to be receiving a violin in a couple of weeks - one that's been passed on to various generations of family members.

The image you've posted here on the blog is stunning. It makes me feel like I'm in a different place entirely ... :-)

Knucklehead said...

I`m most terribly distressed at your misfortune.
Strange as it may be, I just might have to contact you about the "whateveritis".
The "Lagoon Dreams" is in my backyard.
Some people were over last night who live right on the Point, here, & couldn`t believe the view I have. They had to be shown exactly where I took the shot from, to become believers.
I`m glad it helped cas your cares aside if only momentarily.