Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Little Miss Sunshine is ready to start work in her trim little business suit.
Tonight from The Golden State, a collection of sunspots I took late this afternoon.
The sun is out, spring is here & it`s all business from now on.
I`ll be bringing more springtime shots on a regular basis & wait for my colored Cerus blooms that are now budding.
I have two buds that I`m watching daily.
These are always a surprise. I can`t wait to see what becomes of these buds. I`m talking a matter of days, or nights, as these are night bloomers. Just like your grandma`s (bloomers)

For MsNDD, & anyone else, (AndiF) on Planet Earth, I posted a set of the male Mandarin.
The dorsal fin (sail) is what helps differentiate the sexes, for those who are not Mandarins
I myself have quite the showpiece, when I play a mandarin wizard in full attire.
Have a sunshine-y day please, & be kind to the unfortunate.


AndiF said...

It's raining here so Little Miss Sunshine is gravely disappointed but I'm hoping the signs of spring-to-be will cheer her up.

The Mandarin is one gorgeous fish. I'll bet all the ladies really go for him. ;)

Here's hoping for the best possible outcome for MsNDD and NDD and all the other folks out there.

MsNDD said...

Thank you Andi F (& KH, too)! The sunshine is very welcome today (as we're dealing with icy roads & snow again also). NDD gave a big 'ackkk' as he contemplated his arrival into ND (Thursday).

...& today a kiss from the male Mandarin! If I were the female Mandarin, I would be quite impressed! These fish are so beautiful, & thank you for showing the difference. Is that a baby in DSCN3966 or a size illusion?

Knucklehead said...

Miss Sunshine is never disappointed.
She knows rain is needed to bring out Spring in all it`s beauty.
Yes, as some ladies often are fond of jewelry, they do gravitate to the male display of the Mandarin.
But that is also true in many species.
ie; peacock

Knucklehead said...

Good of you to note that image.
Strangely enough, these are two completely different species.
They are in the same display because they are not in competition for food.
The large one is a "Rabbitfish" & venomous, though an herbivore, while the Mandarin is a specific eater. It only eats small live animals in the reef rock.
I had never noticed the amazing similarity in such different fish, till I downloaded that particular series of shots 3/4 years ago.
The colors are so similar in such dis-simular fish, it made me appreciate the major complications of a creator`s memory.
Like, "hmmmn, did I use this set of colors before & on who, where?"

MsNDD said...

I was pondering how different they looked, but just couldn't explain it. Thanks for that nice explanation.