Monday, March 30, 2009


After patiently awaiting the opening of some special cactus blossoms, I was rewarded this evening with the first one.
This image, although titled "The Blessing", is not named that because I`m blessed with these blooms, but for what it stands for in shape & imagery, as in "the blessing of the loaves & fishes" or "The Sermon On The Mount" or the exhortations of Crazy Horse, or any person of commanding presence speaking the truth.
When viewing linked shots you`ll also see the humor in other titles, as in, "Noodles, Mushrooms & Popcorn", inspired by a memory of being stoned at a "Love-In" & no matter how many people were there, we never seemed to run out of these basic food stuffs. We just didn`t have, loaves & fishes, but it seemed like the same kind of gathering.
Uh! ... Carrying on,.. in the header a recent sunset & over on Planet Earth, some of more week-end street shots.
I`ll take some daytime shots of the cactus bloom tomorrow, to get a better natural look at this beauty.
The purple-ish ones were taken with an LED flashlight.(It was handy, a gift from my "girls")
Enjoy the arrival of your spring & remember those whose spring has been delayed by paralyzing blizzards & extreme weather conditions.
See you tomorrow.


AndiF said...

I just can't stop being jealous of all your lovely flowers. We had a freeze Sunday. None of the wildflowers are up yet (the toothwort are just starting to sprout) but the our so-called wild daffodils got blitzed. :(

olivia said...

Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... **speechless**!

MsNDD said...

The color of this cactus flower is beautiful! I like how the main post photo fades into darkness on the edges. There is definitely sustenance that comes from visiting your site (Olivias', too)..:)

We're dealing with lots of wet, heavy snow today. Temperatures are mild though, so it shouldn't stay around too long. Must hope the weight & extra water are kind to the dikes.

NDD said...

My favorite is 4221, which I'm thinking is the main post too.

It has a very mysterious quality to it, accentuated as Ms NDD says, as it "fades into darkness on the edges."

Dikes are holding, but roads are very icy due to 9 inches of snow total so far, and texture ideal for snowman making or heart attacks whilst shoveling.

Knucklehead said...

First, the "Blitzed Daffodils" is a beauty, (image-wise).
The Gladiola is the tallest it`s ever been this year.
Funny, but we have only one.
I am proud of the cactus bloom I posted. I`ve never seen this kind anywhere else.

Knucklehead said...

I keep remarking on it all day.
I`m waiting for one more to open.
It looks like it may be a lighter version of this one.
I also discovered another little bud that might be a few weeks away.
The one posted is as big as a cabbage now.

Knucklehead said...

The photo was taken with an LED flashlight that has more of a spotlight beam to it.

I hope the delayed resolution to the flooding is a good one.

Knucklehead said...

I did shoot a few hundred shots of the blossom over the course of 5/6 hrs. yesterday & then some today in daylight.
It`s a little hard to get to shoot it because of it`s location.
It`s below the back deck level in a sunken planter, right next to the house by the back door.
I have to be kneeling down & reaching over past the plant to shoot back towards myself to get the insides of it to show.
But I`ll do it.