Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This piece by Ms French, my departed neighbor, is one of many that I have.
I`m hopefully going to be working on a "Biography Of An Unknown Lady", by putting together a sizable amount of material, relating to her, through writings, photos, books she had, that I have in my possession.
There is a lot more of her artwork, but it takes time to put it into a perspective that I`ve not groked yet.

Thanks & please watch for tomorrow`s "UNDERWATER CONFLICTS", right here exclusively


AndiF said...

She was really talented -- it's a very expressive portrait. How lovely that you will have her painting to enjoy.

And speaking of expressive portraits, I was smitten with 2 DSCN4001.

Knucklehead said...

Yes, wasn`t she.
I should have mentioned that the painting is 44 inches tall by 24 inches wide, although the total height is not fully imaged.
I was holding the stack of other paintings away from this one. They were all leaning against a wall, one behind the other.

I like those flowers also.
They seem to always be planted next to a wall, & in single bunches like this.

MsNDD said...

It would be an honor to read about her sometime. I could only re-word what AndiF said. Thanks for sharing this painting.

Knucklehead said...

Thank you.
I have very strange feelings about doing that project, & I think I may have to keep objective about it, but I have thoughts about the whole episode that might not sit well with her family.
I could not compromise my principles for anyones family though, so it is forming in my head, the more I think about it.
For instance; how could her family not be interested in her artwork.
I think this painting is very very good, & if it wasn`t, I still would want to have it in my family.
Above all of my thoughts about this matter, I could never judge her families feelings, so it`s a conflict that I believe I can stay above, & create the person I see her as, independent of reality, & other people`s feelings.
I would wish though, not to hurt anyone.

MsNDD said...

It seems the 'time' is right for creating your conception of her life, but 'time' must wait for painful reminders to become pleasant memories for her family (hopefully).