Thursday, March 26, 2009


 2 DSCN3616
Since spring is here & where I`m located might be a bit ahead of your calender, I may as well post some early yard beauties.
I took these at sunset tonight to show you that my gardens do amaze me with the surprises I get to discover on a daily basis.
I usually am out in the yards here taking shots of the sunsets, but at this time I`m on the search for blossoms.
I`m on a daily mission so as not to miss the opening of some of my special flowers, the night bloomers that I vainly refer to as my "Specialty" in horticultural circles.
I`m only special because I get to share these blooms that I consider unique & that they`ve chosen me as their ambassador.
How vain is that.
So knowing that I have two buds keeping me in suspense, I spend the evenings in hopeful anticipation of their breaking through to my view.
It is quite special actually to see them open. It takes about an hour, & I often times spend the whole hour watching their "coming out".
Although tonight was not their night to freak me out, I still enjoy the time I spend in my little private world of wonders.
Here are some of them. All these images are shown as I shot them, against the western sky. I do try & use the fence as a backdrop, as it reminds me of the freedom these blossoms portray. As a wise man once asked, "Did you see the cow slip under the fence", a statement akin to "the cow jumped over the moon, & the dish ran away with the spoon".
I hope you enjoy, & share with me the expectation of the unknown, for I never know what color morphs will burst forth when my "special" blossoms open.
On Planet Earth, I have more of my garden delights.
I hope you have a garden as peaceful.

Please don`t let the perception, others may have of you, deter you from being kind to everyone you encounter.


AndiF said...

Oh what a lovely bouquet. DSCN3592 made my eyes pop wide open with its splendor and the silky sensuality of 3 DSCN3551 lulled them closed again.

olivia said...

Morning Head and Andi.

I love these flowers and couldn't think of a better ambassador ... ;-) And w/out your wonderful photos many of us would never get to experience them. Thank you for that. For spending an hour watching them open and capturing images and for wandering around your yard w/ the camera ... :)

Having your blossoms and your sunsets in one photo is delightful!

Beth said...

It's great to have you (and your gorgeous pix) back on a regular basis. I'm really missing spring flowers here in Forever Green-land. Thanks for sharing!!

MsNDD said...

You would be my ambassador of choice, too! Unable to choose a favorite as they are all so beautiful. The Banchee looks like it's ready to take flight.

Such beauty is much appreciated as one heads out into a different reality. Thanks!

Knucklehead said...

I really should go out into the local hills to shoot the wildflowers. Then your eyes would pop so wide open, your mouth would have to drop.
The white rose bush is loaded with blooms. I should have shot the deep red ones but I do have a problem shooting "red" subjects.
I think I may have mentioned that before.

Knucklehead said...

Olivia, I do think you`d love to wander the hills of Malibu, shooting all the exotics, & natural wildflowers here.
It may make you question my sanity though, when I mention my "gardens".
It sounds so formal, but in reality, it`s just a bunch of junk, flowers, pot plants, & more junk, & some flowers, weird statues, wild flowers, cactus, a dilapidated old fence, a broken glassed greenhouse where I store more junk, a tent for travelers, more stuff, etc, but it is my "Garden".
I should mention I have three more, less encumbered areas, completely separate from each other, & the area where these shots were taken, that are little worlds of wonder unto themselves, although a casual visitor would also question my sanity over that statement.
I just went to check on my soon to be amazing night blooms, & the time is getting close.
I`ll be posting them as soon as tonight maybe, & hopefully a spectacular sunset as a background.
Maple syrupy hugs to you.

Knucklehead said...

What a lovely morning surprise, (although you can surprise me around the clock).
I am now trying to be consistent in my postings, as I do not like imagining the disappointment of people coming to my house, & I`m not in. I like to always be there for people, & with a sweep of the arm, welcome them to my humble home, no matter how I may portray it (or viewers perceive it)to be in my images.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but you`ve never listened to me describe anything in less than 10,000 words. Some people might just want to see the picture.
Come on back soon & I am expecting you to contact me before you come to So Cal.

Knucklehead said...

I do hope the alternate reality you are experiencing will not be a devastating one.
It seems like the planning & logistics there, are well in place.
I should have gotten more info on the local geography of where you live while NDD was here.
That way, I could more easily follow the conditions you are experiencing.
I wish you could be the "Banshee" & take flight.

Beth said...

I'm here every day, whether I speak up or not. So it's nice to find you home. And I hope to be in SoCal in June - and will definitely let you know beforehand. It would be amazing to watch one of your sunsets with you! Thanks for the daily dose of beauty, and reminders to walk gently through this crazy life of ours.

Knucklehead said...

Hey Beth,
You see I`m here to welcome you in.
An online friend NDD, was here a few weeks ago passing through on his 'walkabout' last taken six or seven years ago, before I`d met him.
I`ll try & get some sunset beauties scheduled for June.
Meanwhile, here`s tonight`s, in your email inbox.

Beth said...

Boy, that IS service! I thought I was the only one crazy enough to be up this early (maybe it's still late for you). I'll look forward to our visit, and thanks for the smiles in my mailbox today.