Sunday, March 29, 2009


 Walking proud DSCN3959
Getting ready for all the flowers jumping out at Springtime, is something I prepare for all year.
In the middle of these preparations, I must also be ready, at a moments notice, to combat the surprises thrown my way by the fates of imagery.
As an example, you could take a quick peek at the header texture. At first glance it is not very convincing.
Please click on it to see what the pattern is made from.
On Planet Earth, a preview of what will be the subjects of up-coming posts, also shot on the move, as they enter my field of view.
The main post, a "WALKING PROUD" flower, on the day of her confirmation, is one growing, up on the street, along with a bunch of Daisy Maybe`s, & a flower for 'sad movie' watchers, or any one with a "Tissue Issue".
I did shoot a few more that are in some of the linked sets, but my short term memory is not what it was long ago.
There is though, a long awaited bloom, that will soon open, & a Bic lighter for scale.
I`m also "Glad I All Over" that you get to see the first bloom of these flowers here.
Have a nice tomorrow, & hope that the Red River remains at peace with her friendly neighbors.


NDD said...

Ah, very very pretty that one!

"UP-SKIRT DRAFT", ha ha!!!

Reminds me of a time I was under the influence of "something" circa '70 and sitting on a bench on South Broadway, Fargo, ND.

During strong north winds that street had a wind tunnel effect, and in those days, them thar folk still wore skirts... your post today brought back fond memories of yesteryear...

So far so good on the Red River of the North. But likely another several days before success can be declared.

Nature can be fickle and ferocious. Thus for mere entertainment value alone, a blizzard has been scheduled for late Monday through Wednesday. However, the 6-10 inches of snow is not likely to aggravate the flood situation.

Greetings to the actor, Coconut, and his humanoid sidekick!!

AndiF said...

Blizzard, NDD?!?! Ugh. Finger and claws crossed here that everything continues to hold at the Red River.

Lovely, lovely flowers, Head. They make me ache for spring. Of course, we won't have anything like your floral abundance but there will be a day when we feel the presence of a woodland spring so strongly that even the air is green.

MsNDD said...

Irises & must be spring. They are lovely!

olivia said...

That is really lovely Head. I love the softness.

olivia said...

Hope you're doing okay there MsNDD&NDD.

Knucklehead said...

So on any windy day, one knew where to find you.
I`m still following the saga of the north.
Olivia has a link at her place of a local photog from your area.
Great pix at the link.

Knucklehead said...

Green air eh!
That`s not as bad as green brownies.
I`ve got more floral arrangements stashed from this weekend coming up.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks MsNDD
It`s going off here.
I`ll try & get up into the hills.
It`s probably amazing.

Knucklehead said...

Softness R Us.
(And a little homemade Orton)