Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Since I promised a peek into a gold mine, I`m going to start with the black gold of my Marine Betta.
I believe this is the oldest fish in my family of underwater wonders.
I got him as a juvenile in 2001 I think. This fish knows my moves & I know how he moves.
I can call him out to meet people & he trusts me to not bring harm to him.
He does not trust Coconut, & will make sudden charges at him if I forget Coconut is on my arm.
He will dash out & come the closest to the tank wall he ever does, mouth agape & looking as ferocious as possible.
He is not an aggressive fish otherwise.
Beyond this image I have a few images to make AndiF`s vacation a little more pleasant & I also included a few of the growing clones from a rare Green Leather.
I think I have four clones growing now.
I did have six but a few seem to have been eaten or hidden by some unknown gourmet.

In the header & on Planet Earth, the real gold from my backyard mine, is yielding more gold dust than I could have anticipated.
In the images linked in the header, one image will show why I need to get a larger & more uniform white background cardboard.

Have a great day & AndiF & Jim, I left you a little tune in your snail mail box.
Have a pleasant vacation & to all the other people who may read this, pretend you are on vacation or otherwise also.


AndiF said...

Thanks for "tunes" -- just made our current blissed out state feel more joyful.

Happy day to you and happy hiking to us.

olivia said...

How does Coconut react to the fish -- does he notice him?

Lovely colour in your header image today ... :-)

Knucklehead said...

You`re welcome, that`s music to my ears.

Knucklehead said...

Coconut is not fazed by very much, unless there`s an audience.
Then he goes off with his antics.

California Gold, It`s a rush.