Sunday, June 7, 2009


This is I think a baby Agapantha, ready to meet the world.
This one`s older sister is linked to this one.
In the header, a tiny tendril slowly creeps up a co-axial cable to get better solar reception.
On Planet Earth, a pendant reflecting a product of its placement.
Silver from the earth & turquoise from the blue planet.
Please have a nice week.


AndiF said...

Gorgeous photos.

Jim and I in the Smokies and have some great hikes planned so I'm hoping for a particularly fine week. But if I sleep a bit later than I did this morning, you may not hear from me until the evenings.

BTW, the theme for the next Friday Foto Flog is always announced in the current one. :)

The next one is "School's Out for Summer". The Flog is on vacation with me so you get a week off to think about what you want to post on June 19th.

olivia said...

That's wonderful -- love seeing all those buds up close like that.

The header image is neat -- what is that plant?

And I love the turquoise pendant ... on the black it just pops.

Knucklehead said...

Have a perfect vacation, & don`t worry when you can stop in.
First things first.

Knucklehead said...

That`s the pod bursting open, releasing all the buds.

The plant in the header is very much like Anisse when it branches. Very wispy. This one though has small sharp spines & may be called Alpine Lace.
The pendant is from my silver collection, which was diminished considerably 30 years ago during a house burglary.
This was added as a piece from my deceased neighbor. (When`s your birthday?)
I`m sure I have something you`d like.