Monday, June 22, 2009

Scotch Broom

This bouquet, cut up in the canyon today, is now on the dining room table.
We were in a traffic line stopped for tunnel maintenance when I jumped out to cut a few blossoms,
Before jumping back in the car, I ran to the car ahead & offered the lady in the passenger seat a little sprig of scent.

One of my clients called me for an emergency repair tonight.
She had 32 young boys from a German soccer team at her house, along with coaches & a few parents.
Before addressing the repair, I asked my client to give me the names of three of the German boys who were all in the pool at the house.
I walked out to the pool & shouted to the three named boys to exit the pool "SCHNELL".
None of the about 40 people there had ever seen me & I had told my client to stay in the house & only watch through the windows.
So here`s some crazed looking person yelling at kids in the pool to get out ASAP. I turned it into a big laugh & in fun, I did get a thorough soaking after pushing a few of the kids back into the water.
After introductions all around, the parents & coaches calmed down, having wondered if the household had been invaded by a crazed person.
That`s why my clients love me.
I can always turn a gathering into a love-in


AndiF said...

Nifty set of experiments with the flower. I liked DSCN7853 the best, I think because the black brought out the green so beautifully.

I think my reaction to hearing that there were 32 young kids from anywhere at someone's house would be to go in the opposite direction as fast as possible. Brave man! :)

olivia said...

Another painting! Lovely.

Evangeline said...

“I can always turn a gathering into a love-in.”

Yes you can!

Bonne Saint-Jean, KH.


Knucklehead said...

I like that one also.
I think the one with an eggshell colored background though, (a result of my crappy cardboard background) lends itself better to a card, such as a "Get Well, or "Have a Nice Day" kind.
Not that I`m going into the Hallmark business.
I always like to allow children to be frightened then bring them around to understand there was nothing to really fear to begin with. It`s a good lesson for the adults.

Knucklehead said...

My trusty cardboard canvas.
I really do have to find a better one.
I won`t throw this one away though.
It`s been in my tool set for a few years.

Knucklehead said...

Hey Evangeline,
Thanks for the Saint Jean wishes.
Man do I remember those riots.
It`s also strange that those riotous gatherings morphed into love-ins within a few days.