Friday, June 12, 2009


 3 DSCN7518
Tonight I was studying portraits & how to light them properly or better yet trying different light source direction.
When thinking of portraits one pictures umbrellas, reflectors, lights, diffusers etc..
But some portraits are done at night.
Think rock shows late night parties & so on.
So this is a little workshop in the dark I was working on tonight.
All these are long exposures (1/4 sec to 1 sec, I think) & are all lit with a small LED flashlight.
I should have expanded this exercise with different lights, but as you know, I always have half a dozen things going on at once here at my place.
I hope you enjoy my little experimentations in light & shadow.
Have a great day & I`ll see you around the bend.


Knucklehead said...

I should have mentioned that this is a plain white plaster statue.
I did paint color onto it & put a beret on it`s head for technical reasons.
This lovely young lady reminds me of some of my girlfriends in the sixties.

AndiF said...

It was interesting to see how different the statue looked depending on how you lit it.

Home is just around vacation bend for us.

olivia said...

Great idea Head!

Love her necklace too ... :D

Btw, I continued on from our PS tutorial. I opened 9 photos and placed them on a background layer. I added a drop shadow to the layer 9, right clicked and selected copy layer style, then selected layers 8 to 1 (not the background) and right clicked and selected pasted layer style. So I only had to adjust the drop shadow settings once. Worked really well!

Knucklehead said...

Judging from today`s shots, you had to have had a beautiful time. My girls were here so I just did a drive by look.
i`ll be back to the lower 40 in a while though.

Knucklehead said...

I like your necklace too.

See what happens when I try & be Mister Nice Guy.
I hope we see these results soon.