Thursday, June 18, 2009


Certain things are not so well regulated, but in nature, rules always comply with order.
This chaotic view of a Tube Anemone, shows it in turmoil, a result of capturing food, & subjugating it to it`s orders.
On Planet Earth, a few more signs of repetitive order, & a perfect example of nature in an ordered state.
That does not mean that if one was to step on this globe, they would not know chaos.
The world can be harsh in it`s teaching.
Have a great day, the last one of the weak.
Be strong & prosper, Please.


AndiF said...

Have a great day, the last one of the weak.

Ah, let's have a great day, first one of the strong-minded. ;)

Gotta say, "Global Pricks" is my favorite Planet Earth title ever. :)

And DSCN7757 is crazy cool.

Knucklehead said...

I thought that geodesic cactus would be to your liking, Andi