Monday, June 1, 2009


This is the first bloom of the year on my tall Cereus cactus.
It`s not the nicest shot I`ve taken of these blossoms, but it did take me by surprise.
There aremany more buds, so I`ll be setting up for better vantage points when they open.
On Planet Earth, more wonders from my yards.
The fern one that seems to be in bloom, was being happily violated by an orange clock.
In the other yard you can see what a clump of California poppies looks like when allowed to grow wild.
I included a couple of little miniature wonders I found there also.
I wish you all a great week ahead.


AndiF said...

I loved DSCN7132 -- it makes the flower looks so exuberant while still keeping its essential grace.

And that splash of orange in front of the fern in DSCN7132 is so bright and cheery. A really great shot. I like the orange flowers against the white background too.

Knucklehead said...

The blooms are starting to go off faster than I can keep up.
The "7132" is over my head & there are more to open at least three feet higher.
I`m going to be bringing a ladder out to that area to be able to be above the blooms.
That is even tricky enough, because I have to climb up in the dark with a flashlight in one hand, a camera in the other & a third to steady myself while having no visible horizon to prevent vertigo.
Hah, I make it sound difficult but it sure as heck is.
The orange on white background is a little different than usual.
Here the white is sky, whereas I often use a whiteboard to create a contrasting background.