Monday, June 8, 2009


I have no clue what these diminutive little wild flowers are, but they`re welcome in my yard all day long.
Smaller than a dime, they are proof that great things are sometimes packaged tight.
Over on Planet Earth, some brush strokes of nature from my back yard treasures.
Please check out the linked ones from the same chest.

While in the yard today, I came upon an old mine shaft & discovered that it had to have been a gold mine.
Please join me tomorrow & I`ll show you some of the gold dust that panned out from my discovery.

I`d also like to wish Andi & Jim a perfectly wonderful trip & hope you brought along the proper supplies since you are in the Smokies.


AndiF said...

Not to worry, Head, we've got our rain gear.

Love the main image. Gotta go get ready so I'll have to check our the rest tonight.

olivia said...

Could they be wild geranium? I'm not sure about the pointed ends of the petals though ...

It's very pretty whatever it is!