Wednesday, December 23, 2009


 Old Classic DSCN1515
I turned the corner from my street & there they were.
I whipped my vehicle to the side of the road, jumped out & started shooting them.
Bonnie & Clyde didn`t seem very pleased.
I didn`t realize at first that the mobster & his moll were in the car.
On Planet Earth, a short term bloom on a rarely blossoming plant.
My client called the night before last, excited about her flower.
It really is a beauty.
Have a great day, as the end is near.


AndiF said...

Gorgeous car and gorgeous flower over on Plant Earth.

I dated a guy in high school whose Dad owned a '23 Packard which he would occasionally let his son take us both for a spin in. I don't remember much about the boy but boy do I remember that car.

Knucklehead said...

Hi AndiF,
I love the old cars.
I `ve built many of the engines on my collection of old trucks. All chevy`s of different styles of the fifties.