Friday, December 25, 2009



Tonight, our Xmas eve dinner with friends & family at sunset was everything I anticipated.
The main thing was that the sunset cooperated & put on a show for almost an hour.
I`d set up my camera on a tripod & took pictures at different times.
I just wanted to make sure I captured the place settings in early light to be able to overlay the sunset in darker light.

Then the Santa Parade came by & stopped for 30/40 mins. for all the neighborhood.
I talked with people from all over who`d come to see the parade of lights.
I had a long talk with a lovely young lady & then a firefighter friend of mine.
The firemen on scene were providing a lot of the light show.
I was sort of coerced into meeting Santa personally, so I sat on his lap for a few mins. to the laughter of the kids.
I also met the people who live across the street earlier today who thought I was selling the pic of their house that some of you may have seen.
A few nights ago, I`d put the link to the 12 shot composite of their lights in their mailbox.
I told him he must have a lack of reading comprehension, since I`d also included a Merry Xmas with the note.
To me, that`s what goes along with a gift at this time of year.
I think they`re starting to realize that I won`t tear them to shreds on a whim.
On more than one occasion I was told that they didn`t like me, by others, but being the high road rider, I ignored that kind of talk.
I don`t think I`ll be hearing that kind of hateful talk anymore.
One has to face the world one bigot at a time.
Tonight the world got a little smaller.
On Planet Earth, wondering what lies in the future, for the child pondering what it all means while observing everything with wide open eyes.


AndiF said...

What a lovely dinner scene. Your pictures work perfectly.

I hope Santa gave you heart's desire.

If only i was lucky enough to have someone like you as a neighbor.

May the season greet you delightedly.

Beth said...

The perfect sunset, 'head. And a beautiful table - I hope your feast was filled with family and friends and laughter and love. And here's hoping that the Christmas spirit lasts the whole year in some people's hearts.

Merry Christmas, my friend. Wish you were my neighbor, too.

NDD said...

That's about as perfect a setting for a Christmas Eve dinner one could imagine. It'll be a wonderful memory for all involved.

Our Christmas eve and Christmas day has been tad unusual due to blizzard conditions.

I was able to make it to town, Christmas Eve, 6 miles, to visit with all my brothers.

Three miles of that six, on the county road, was some of the worst winter driving conditions I'd ever seen on that road. It was pretty much a continuous snow pack. So I was very much appreciating 4-wheel drive.

Today, Christmas, we've not left the farm house. The only one out the door has been 4 legged Happi.

Our storm door bottom is pushing snow, so the deck is about 8" plus deep in snow, that since about 2 AM this morning, when my brother, sil, and I returned from town.

Anyway, we're all warm, and safe, and thankful to have had the visiting time we've had so far, and looking forward to more when the storm has passed.

Ms NDD is spending time with her family another 2.5 hrs NW of here, and all is well with her also. We expect her to arrive Sat, or more likely Sunday as the system moves on.

Merry Christmas KH, Teri, and all other White Knuckles inhabitants.

Happi wishes coconut a Happy New Year too.

yawngie said...

Have been enjoying your photographic skills, artistic eye and comments about life - I am almost tempted to enter the scene at this table, sit down and wait for you to come to have a chat about "things" and whatever...

yawngie said...

Have been enjoying your photographic skills, artistic eye and comments about life - I am almost tempted to enter the scene at this table, sit down and wait for you to come to have a chat about "things" and whatever...

Knucklehead said...

Meanwhile, I have people asking about photos of people who were here.
I left those who walk around taking pictures of everybody, with no thought to composition, to take care of that.
Personally, I`m not into that, being nobody`s monkey.
Good neighbors make friends.

Knucklehead said...

Yes, my personal sunset machine worked it`s magic once again.
Our guests were international in nature.
Represented were people from Argentina, Scotland, Australia, England, California & of course Canada.
Actually I wished all of my online friends were here also.
We had a great time.
I do think my dragon embroidered silk Kimono had some wondering though.

Knucklehead said...

There were obviously a few people missing.
I was going to double the length of the table, seeing as I knew there`d be plenty of food.
I hope you remember your white holiday as much as I`m sure everybody here will remember theirs. I`m sure some of my neighbors will also.
I was tempted to tell one of them you`d be here & to lock his door.

Knucklehead said...

Thank you very much.
I do have to insist though that my house is open.
Come on in & join right in on any conversation.
I am very conversant on "things" & especially on "whatever", my forte, actually. I assure you, your wait would be quite short, good manners & graciousness being what I believe a welcome should encompass.
May I ask if you are located near your avatar, or are you possibly much closer?
You are welcome at my table at anytime.

Knucklehead said...

I see you are from some of my old stomping grounds.
Without looking at a map, & simply relying on my failing memory, I imagine you are a little northwest of London Ont.
I seem to remember living there for about a year at 123 Church Street.
I may have been making radiators at Blackstone Industrial at the time, having been all over the area from Thedford to Teeterville down by Dehi & Chatam as a seasonal migrant worker.
I basically followed crops starting with tobacco the first of August & let the road show me the rest of the way. For a number of years the only schedule I had, was when the tobacco was ripe, I`d be in Southern Ontario.

olivia said...

Oh, that is magnificent! And so, so, so utterly the opposite of my weather experiences of the last few days ... lol ... I can imagine you all seated there, sharing company and food and warm breezes. Hope you had a great visit w/ your family and friends.

Knucklehead said...

It was an international gathering with reps from Scotland, England, Argentina, Australia, the US
& one Canadian.
It would have been nice to have you as the second.