Monday, December 21, 2009


 3  DSCN8386
This evening`s post is for Tampopo.
I`m a little unclear on the concept, since it was discussed last year.
I had simply took a few shots & mixes of subjects & put them together in different ways & trying to make them seem different than, at first, apparently clear.
So here is a bit of fun, Tampopo.
If you click on Planet Earth, I have a 12 shot view of 3/4 of the house across the streets`lights.
Click "all sizes", "original", & slide from one end to the other.
Have a nice day.


AndiF said...

I am blown away by your neighbor's light show.

But on subtler note, I really liked TRANSLUSCENCE DSCN8623.

Beth said...

Wow! You wouldn't need to put up any lights yourself - just hang a mirror on your house. Looks pretty to me - more lights than I've seen all year! Thanks for sharing, 'head!

tampopo said...

Thanks KH! I appreciated seeing the scale photos, then seeing what you did with them.
I know you do a lot with the different programs available with some of the most interesting props around.
Your neighbors put on quite a display! And I like Beth's idea of a mirror.
Our original discussion was about taking pictures and determining what would make them "better." How to choose the "keepers."
Your mental agility and word play are delightful! Thank you.

Knucklehead said...

When driving people to our place who`ve never been here before, after picking them up at the airport, we always park up at that house, & say, "Finally, we`re home".
They are impressed. Ha
I`d never do something like needing apower station simply to trt & outdo the other neighbors on the street.
There`s about four houses like that all close together up on the street.
Luckily, we live down a long drive, whereas most of the other homes are near the street.
As for "Translucence", that one was a little harder than the lights.
I copied & pasted the feather on top of itself, then reduced the opacity for the semi transparent look which let one see the quill below the top one.
I had to erase the not visible quill below to pretend one couldn`t see through the top one.
Got that!!

Knucklehead said...

Hi Beth,
It is really quite the light show.
There`s a lot of motorized effects in the set-up also.

Knucklehead said...

Thank you for reminding me about that folder.
Most people don`t quite grasp how many images I have, & I can easily forget about them.
What`s a trip is opening a hard drive & seeing images I don`t remember shooting till I look at the context of others in the same folder, & remembering.
I generate more images than I can really keep track of, & I only have my memory to keep track of where they are.