Wednesday, December 30, 2009


On a dreary day of sprinkling rain here in Malibu, I went to check on my proteges at the pond.
Since they now realize I got some new specialized food, they demand to be fed constantly.
This one has taken to sing for her supper.
On Planet Earth, I took a few shots of the beach front homes vanishing into the fog in both directions, with a few little "scramblers" alone on the beach.
To get to the beach, I entered through a portal that separates two realms.
For my safety, I returned through the same portal.
Have a safe journey, wherever it may take you.


AndiF said...

Perhaps not surprisingly, I like the contrarian fish in DSCN3418.

But even more I like the drama of the green and white surf against the fogged gray sky in DSCN3457.

I hope you were able to get shots of your old gates but no matter what I'm sure I'll enjoy everything you post.

olivia said...

Oh, I love it! Just love it. :)

dada said...

aren't divas typically sopranos?

Nancy P said...

Standing Ovation!