Sunday, December 6, 2009


Tonight`s upcoming storm showed it`s warm underbelly this evening.
Working till past dark to secure the project from the heavy rains expected, I looked up for a minute to see the pink sunset peeking through the clouds.
Last evening seemed to be tonight`s prophecy come true, something you may judge for yourself by simply clicking, you know where.
One of the rays is focused on my house, over on the point.
Have a great day.


AndiF said...

It's a beautiful shot but I must have been a more subtle mood because I was more drawn to DSCN0774.

Hope the garden work was unaffected by the storm.

olivia said...

Oh, those colours are amazing.

Echoing Andi - hope all is well at the site!

Anonymous said...
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Knucklehead said...

I like that one better also, but not only was I trying to be in the moment (I had just taken that pink shot), it was also a color combination I`d never seen before.

The whole place is secure & in great shape.
Thinking a'head', combined with my experience, I have hundreds of feet of 4" diameter leach pipe with dozens of surface drains.
I also have a pond overflow outlet connected to a dedicated drain pipe.
All the grounds are formed to slope towards a drain, but to retain a more natural look, the whole place is graded to have many small depressions & drains rather than a large area sloping to a single drain.
Redundancy is your friend.

Knucklehead said...

I never saw that color contrast before.
You may know that I`m used to be awed on an almost daily basis with my own personal private sunsets, but this one was unusual.
I just happened to look up & saw this.
I walked over to the work table, grabbed the camera, turned around, flipped to one second, 3 sec. delay, set it on the railing focus click set back, look at the LED,
switch to two secs., close down a little, set for three secs. set down focus shoot & the pink was not there anymore.
That took one minute, tops.
But you`ll be happy to know, I visited my Orchid man today.
I met him at the bank, & he told me he`d be home in the afternoon. I took Bligh there as a surprise.
Amado, my friend, was waiting for me & we took an hour long tour of the orchid green houses that are filled with blooming orchids of hundreds of different kinds of them.
I told him I was here to shoot pix but we went on walkabout into the strangely exotic groupings of plants, across the creek over a bridge he built in 1978.
We learned the genders & breeding secrets of certain plants.
Jurassic, 20 foot tall Black Ferns in groves.
A cactus area that we could only see a ways off.
Not one picture.
I`ll go back tomorrow, to shoot the place, but I really regret not having had Bligh take a picture of my friend & myself.
He`s 90 years old & looks like he`s got 30 more years to go.