Thursday, December 17, 2009


 2 DSCN1247
I will have to let you wonder on this image for a few days.
On Planet Earth, a poppy in 3D.
I`m still getting gate shots from around Malibu.
It`s not like I had them on file.
It`s a great hunt though.
Have a great day .
Tomorrow I`ll post a pic of a cherry pie I baked tonight.


AndiF said...

So who is this mysterious woman?

You have plenty of time to get your gate shots. Here's the upcoming schedule for Friday Foto Flogging:

Dec. 18: Random theme
Dec. 25: Flog on hiatus for the Xmas holiday
Jan 1: Gates, Doorways, and Passages theme
Jan 8: Aphorisms and Quotes theme

Knucklehead said...

Will you venture a guess?

Thank You for the theme report.