Thursday, December 17, 2009


The poppies are showing their inner glisten here & when that happens, some leering eye pods are always lurking about.
The header is tonight`s sunset, & is backed up by more, of a larger size, (Beth)
As promised on Planet Earth, a pie I baked last night, & on the same menu, the Marmalade Cornish Hens I cooked for tonight`s meal.
Have a wonderful day & you are allowed to guess about the Lady from The Sea Of Love.


AndiF said...

There are many comments I could make about most of those poppy pics but I'm going to keep your blog G-rated and instead say that I loved EYE POD DSCN1280 -- it cracked me up.

And your roast chickens are even more appealing that your pie.

Gorgeous sunset shots. Beth is on her way to Mexico so she may not have a chance to comment for awhile.

Beth said...

Thanks for keeping track of me, andi! I'm in the airport for a while, and Google is offering free wifi in airports for the holidays, so I'm here for a bit.

And really loving my sunset. Thanks, 'head!

And am HUNGRY! Teri is a lucky lady, to have you making such yummy food for her.

G-rated indeed..... :-)

NDD said...

Dang, KH, Sorry to be running so late on hearing about Teri. Please convey my best wishes for a steady recovery pace. Think I'll go do an email, before I run on too long here.