Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This post & linked images are about the conflicts on a reef involving territories, food distribution, property encroachment & the individuals involved.
The main post image, in deference to Andi, is obviously a Blenny.
Although this fish does not really have any enemies it does travel the length of the reef & may be perceived as encroaching on another inhabitants territory.
You`ll see a Royal Gramma rise up out of a hole in the rocks to challenge the Blenny`s presence.
The Green Chromis, just a little faster than the Emerald Crab apparently trying to grab them, are really trying to get the crab to leave the area.
They will harass the crab but to no avail, it will leave when ready.
The crabs will lash out at any approaching fish, which try hit & run tactics.
The Royal Gramma, is protecting it`s "Pumpkin Patch" of Orange Zoas, not because they are zoas, but because that`s the designated territory it claims.
As you can see, it is annoyed that I am the intruder.
You can also see a few images of fine Brittle Star arms twisting around a "Fuzzy Finger" Leather coral.
The "Macaroni & Brussel Sprouts" image does not portray any conflict except with my gastronomical tastes.
I`ve included also, a Coral Banded Shrimp, that is in it`s own world, but conflicts with just about everything in the reef.
Live & let live seems to be it`s motto.
I hope you enjoy the natural interactions that I`ve shot, of the fascination a reef brings.
Have a pleasant tomorrow, Please.


AndiF said...

The only thing better than being greeted by a big beautiful blenny first thing in the morning is a whole fishful of pictures in the link. I think this was one of your best sets.

The blenny was -- of course -- my favorite picture but I also really liked DSCN4323 and DSCN4354 (what a face).

MsNDD said...

I love the colors in 4343 & 4341. What are the green tinted fish called? My appreciation of the photos is rather oblivious of the conflicts. It looks like Blennys' jaw dropped as if he was caught doing something, though!