Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This virgin birth is the first of a possible 50 or so that will be bursting on the scene in the next few days. While shooting tonight, a visitor I`ve been meaning to introduce to you, showed up. A Great Horned Owl. It was perched on a Yucca & luckily I was able to stalk it to get it contrated against the moon. I will post more of this series tomorrow, so please come back & the Planet Earth tomorrow. The end of tha owl series is quite dramatic. (That`s only my opinion)
Have a pleasant day, & please be careful of others.


AndiF said...

The flower is beautiful and beautifully lit.

The owl photos are fantastic ... in all senses of the word.

Family Man said...

Morning Head.

I agree with Andi. That is a beautiful shot of the flower. BTW what kind is it?

The owl picture is great too. I've always liked you shadow against light photos.

Have a good one Head.

olivia said...

Wow ... Head, I'm running out of words here. Your photos are beautiful in composition and content, and always a surprise and a treat to view.

I am thrilled to read you were able to photograph the owl! Off to look ...

olivia said...

And I'm assuming you didn't taste this one ;) -- but what about the smell?

Knucklehead said...

I added some other images to the set of the Horned Owl.
This link will show you a set of eyes on the owl I borrowed from one of my other birds.
The last photo I took of the owl, is the talons leaving the branch.
It was called "Going Home" but I changed it to ,"Gone Hunting", to not infringe on some else`s intellectual property. See Olivia`s blog at Parvum Opus.

Knucklehead said...

I do like my beauties. This one luckily is at eye level.
All the images are taken in the dead of night, so I use a flashlight alot.
I just added some owl shots in a link below.
I`ve been hunting it for weeks, & just spotted it by luck last night. I would hoot at it to get a reaction. Unfortunately, it was in a difficult position to be able to get a full body image of it. I should have ran & got another shorter lens to shoot with, but I didn`t want to take the chance it might be gone.
Thank you Andif

Knucklehead said...

I don`t know what kind of cactus it`s flowering on, but there`s dozens that will be opening in the next few days. Tonight it looks like 5/6 will open. They open after dark, & die off by midmorning.
It`s supposed to be a record breaker heat wise today so I`m just going to be my cool self. hah

Knucklehead said...

Thank you Olivia,
I had a little conundrum with naming images. You think you saw a coincidence. Check the link below.
I had told you about the owl. Now, I know you believe it. hahha.
These don`t really have much of a scent, compared to the other cactus flowers. And NO!!, I don`t know how they taste.
Teri alerted me to a different cactus that we`ve never seen flower. I`m off to take some pre-opening shots to compare with when they open. They are very strange, in that they look like encapsulated blooms.

NDD said...

yep, another bunch of amazing shots, good goin' KH.

I'm surprised you were able to get that close, you must be pretty stealthy.

The Great Horned Owls here spook pretty easily, so getting a shot of them would be quite a challenge.

olivia said...

Morning Head, yeah ... I laughed when I read your post title ... we seem to have been riding the same wavelength for a moment there ... :)

Coming Out
Returning Home

And of course I believed you about the owl. That you captured 'proof' is the icing on the owl cake ... lol