Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Abused by a system that sent this young man into battle, he has devised his own manner in how to deal with fear. He hides it. Deep inside, he knows that if his fear shows, it may spread to other people, who, he is positive would all & forever point at him as the origin.
He must not show what tears at him so he now shows his petaled face, sure that everybody loves flowers. His mother told him so. Here behind the bushes on the edge of the park where he lives, he marvels at the people cheering loud explosions & worries for their safety, having seen the devastation these bombs, bursting in air, cause. He does not comprehend the celebration of independance that shines, reflected on his metal face, positive it could never warm his soul.
Young men like this will be seen more & more as the systematic abuse they have & are enduring starts to bloom . We, who would never use our brothers & sisters like this, are inevitably charged with taking their hand & reassuring them that some one cares. No amount of pills or programs or tests will ever help unless there`s a caring soul to help them along.
The thing that will be difficult will be to make sure these people are not pointed out as the originators of their troubles. There will be many. Please smile at them & be nice. Have a nice day, & count your blessings.
This image I shot at night when while fooling around with the resident skunk, I noticed the light on some statues. I had moved these statues a few days previously & had not yet seen them in the light from the porch. This light was a little behind the statues & a little higher. There were two lights on each side of the porch entry, one red & one green. [Don`t ask].
I went & got a tripod & camera& set up with the camera set at F2.8 & started with a 6 second exposure. I started fooling around with the set-up & went to get a few masks from my collection, & brought along a flashlight. I changed to a 2 second exposure & I would spray the shot with a quick bath of light with the flashlight. This is one of the images from that series. Another image from that series can be seen in a previous post called "DICHOTOMY"
Planet Earth has a few peeks into my other world, & the young lady in the header, will show you the way to the sky. Her name is Liberty, & she is not free.
Good evening.


AndiF said...

That's quite a photo and quite a write-up. It'll take me several hours to absorb both.

olivia said...

I love the lighting on this one ... and the red of the mask ribbon. Was reading some comments in a flickr night photography group the other day and they were mentioning the spot lights and also using a laser pointer to help focus ... Seems like a lot of fun things to experiment w/ at night. :)

Family Man said...

I'm with Olivia. The lighting is really good on this one.


I'm with Andi. It will take some time to absorb this. :)

Sorry I missed you in the Welcome Wagon last night. I had already headed off to bed.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks. As well as I enjoy sharing images of my underwater world, & the beauty inherent in them, I also enjoy the art of photography. Mix that with my storytelling, my feelings & thoughts when I`m experimenting, & I too have to sit back & wonder, while I also absorb. Don`t absorb anything but what you feel is worth it.

Knucklehead said...

Images are created as a result of using light, but they can be enhanced by the absence of it. If there were no shadows, there would be no light, or you`re shooting a flat wall. I think "a shot in the dark" is well worth trying for. The ribbon lends sensitivity to the poor man. If you DO NOT READ the storyline, but just, imagine, then the picture will bring out the circus performer watching the young Gypsy dancer in the troupe he travels with, who also looks at him adoringly when he does his act, which could be , from juggling six monkeys & a turtle, to walking the tightrope over the crowd in the plaza below.
The mix of mind, light & magic.
On one of my cameras, I have an infra red like light, that lights up the subject, without affecting the sensors. With my other cameras, a flashlight seems to suffice. Olivia, you might want to wear boots & be real careful, skulking around the public gardens or the beaver lodge, with a laser pointer in the middle of the night. Try this. Walk around at night & with a flashlight, look at things you see every day, but never saw in the light of darkness. It`s inspiring.

Knucklehead said...

You don`t have to absorb it, but it Depends.
I`ll have to go back & check the Wagon. How did you like the timing of the falling snow clump?

NDD said...

Comment by Ms NDD, posted by NDD -

Thanks for the explanation and for advocating 'everywhere and anywhere for the care of our differing ecosystems'.

With global warming and the loss of clear ocean water, it means a lot to see that all is well in your aquariums! I understand that without harvesting some coral (in the beginning), the Frag Meets could not take place.

I really need to take time to read and view your site on a regular basis. It's a beautiful world you're sharing with us. Thanks for helping to preserve it!

P.S. Also appreciated the Fire Watcher photo and your words describing the young man. So real in my day to day world.

Knucklehead said...

Thank you Mrs. NDD
I liken the propagation of corals to picking apples. It does not destroy the tree yet gives you seed to produce more trees. Nothing need be destroyed in the process.
You obviously must be one of the caring people I mentioned. Thank you for everything you do for the weak, the meek, & those who seek. It must be terrifying for some of the people who know something is broken in them but can`t fix it. I didn`t mention those who will be taking their own lives in desperation, but I fear the worst in the coming years. Although I`m against all war, I believe that this war, hated by so many, will leave the defenseless victims blamed, because no one will take responsibility for it. That leaves only us, to take that responsibility before it`s given to those who are not responsible. I most surely don`t mean to take responsibility for the war, but to help those who are it`s victims. Since the sixties I`ve made myself welcome in the dark worlds the "dregs" of society inhabit. There`s no feeling of helplessness as when you know you can`t help the helpless. I won`t post my thoughts on some images as often maybe, but if you look at the image in another light, it is a very inspiring one. There`s hope in it. The red ribbon.
Thank you for making me think about it again.

Kidspeak said...

This picture is so evocative. I can think of several kids and young adults who fit this picture - trying to have a good cover, for the pain and hollowness inside.

Don't know if that's a part of what you saw, but its almost as if the sculptures can talk.

tatudave said...

"If the system is the answer, it musta been a fuckin' stupid question"...

...Author Unknown

Knucklehead said...

Strange how you heard that also.
Occasiounally, I formulate a story & maybe weeks later I see something that reminds me of that thought & shoot it. When I first see the results I often know it doesn`t work. Other times the image brings out the thoughts, even during shooting them. I changed direction a few times shooting this series but had many stories going on at the time. Then last night, I was thinking of some one who I posted about at the tribune, three months ago. He had been wrongly deported to Mexico. His family was distraught over it, especially since he was developementally in arrears. He was found a few days ago, after 89 days, trying to come back across the border, & by reconstructing his time there, his family found that he had had, almost no human contact, survived by eating garbage & washed himself in whatever water he could find. The US had not helped in any recovery effort, & claimed they did everything "by the book".
The mom is in anguish. She says only half her son is back, the other half, the system, stole.
I immediately pictured that innocent person, abused by the system with no voice to speak for him, & afraid to show his fear.
I never know what my images mean to anyone else, I share them to instigate thought.
Just call me "The Instigator"
Thanks for recognizing that the scupture talks. It just took me awhile to hear.

Knucklehead said...

Either that, or a F` stupid system.

Mrs. NDD said...

Yes. Too many victims amidst what could have been different (& should be). There is still much to achieve. The red ribbon is vivid in my mind. Thanks!

Knucklehead said...

Although we have made a ribbon a symbol of all the different ills & hopes in socirty, he wears his not knowing anything, but that it was there when he found it. He thought it was pretty. That`s good enough for me, plus, it wan`t made in china.
( no slur on China)