Friday, August 24, 2007


This little hummingbird is one of the ones we raised from childhood.
I see this one & two more that we`ve had the pleasure to be acquainted with in the past two years.
Others before that are long gone.
Brutus, was one of my favorites. I took him everywhere with me.
You can look behind this image with a click, for more of these darlings.
On Planet Earth, you`ll see some of our other baby rescues. The little common wren is still living in the house with us after a year & one half.
Have a pleasant week end & be nice to each other.


Family Man said...

Hi Head.

You must have read my mind because I was just thinking about your Hummingbird pictures the other day, and I was wondering when you would post some. I'm always amazed how you can catch such a clear picture of them.

Have a good and safe weekend Head.

AndiF said...

FM! Go to bed! Besides, I'm supposed to be first here.

Wonderful hummingbird shot. One of our Idaho hikes, a hummingbird flew right up to my face and stayed there for about 10 seconds. It was -- literally -- a stupefying experience.

Nancy P said...

Head, you do good work--in photography and saving animals. My compliments to you.

olivia said...

If I was a bird, I'd want to live w/ you too ... or a fish ... :)

This is a lovely photo Head -- time standing still ... :)

Off to explore Planet Earth.

Knucklehead said...

I don`t think it`s mind reading, but likemindedness.
It helps to take shots like this when your friends are the subjects.

Knucklehead said...

In my book you are.
About your face to face, I use to eork up on scaffolding, with a work partner. So as not to mix up our sweaty bandannas, I had a bunch of blue ones, & his were red. Many times, he would be startled, when a hummingbird, would zip up to his face, to determine if it was some kind of flower. The hummingbirds never inquired about my bandanna.
He had some close calls on the scaffolding, because of the sudden buzz. He was deathly afraid of bees.
I was wondering when I read your comment, if you had a colorful piece of headwear on....?
As you say, it is quite the stupefyer.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy p,
Thank you, .. on both counts. The animals are really much more important though.

Knucklehead said...

Tweet tweet.. gulp..
Good morning Olivia.
"Time standing still" I think that`s eggzactly what Andif was experiencing.
You`ll see, "Peeking down the straw".

Kidspeak said...

Your hummers never cease to amaze me.

Our male hummer is back in the yard. (Now, I have no idea that he's the one who showed up other times this summer, but I like to think it is him.) We've had torrential rains for a couple of days -- maybe that's why, but early today he was out hitting the butterfly bush and our remaining daylily's, and the clematis that's just begun its second bloom. I got a buzz just wearing lavendar - usually it takes bright red. My neighbor has many more flowers than we do at this point in the year, but he sprays, and I don't see the birds hanging around his yard much.

We have a juvenile raccoon who's taken up residence - likely one of the babies from last year. The ranging dog gang got his mom, I saw them running away with her late in the fall. He's getting a bit tamer than I'd like; too tame for his own good. The feral kitty I'm taming keeps a wide distance from the racoon. Cat goes to the vet next week to see if s/he can come inside.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Kidspeak,
You`d think the guy next door would get a hint. If he didn`t spray there`d be enough birds over there to negate spraying.
I hope the kitty will be given a clean bill of health.
You also may be doing a diservice to the raccoon if you allow it to get too familiar with humans. Some people are afraid of wild animals & solve their fears with a gun. It`s sad, but too true.
Say "Hi" to Teach.