Wednesday, August 22, 2007


 1 DSCN0948
This Tomato Clownfish in an anemone, shows you how the anemone can stretch & extend it`s kill zone, to a large area of a tank. These anemones, & there are three in this tank, will move about & then stay in place by the use of a "foot". This does not mean they will stay at that place, but from this image you can see that without moving it`s foot, it can still reach quite far. The front glass in the image is not as clean as I usually keep it, because I do not want to aggravate the anemone. I should mention that the glass is not dirty. Everything that is on the glass is alive & grows everywhere & on all the rockwork inside the tank. We clean the sides, the more to enjoy what`s inside the tanks.
The 3d series is beyond the header to allow more of you to see, if you can, the wonders of 3D.
On Planet Earth, a new cover image takes you to my night blooms from last night. I have a big day tomorrow, as usual, but I do not have the time to post the new blooms from tonight. There are three of them blooming right now.
Good night, & please have a nice tomorrow.


AndiF said...

That's fascinating. I don't know how you tear yourself away to go to work.

olivia said...

Morning Head and Andi.

Yes, that is fascinating. It has itself wedged into quite a comfy spot there ... :)

Have a good day yourself Head, stay kewl!

Family Man said...

Morning Head, Andi and Olivia.

Wonderful pictures Head. It almost looks like the fish is about to become a meal. :)

I like the cacti pictures, but I think I like the swamp one the best.

Hope you have a good day and as Olivia says, stay kewl. :)

Knucklehead said...

Good day, Andif,
You sort of get used to it. Once I do a nice big water change I tend to relax more. I try & do all my tanks in sequence, one after another in the course of three days. Then I know all water parameters are set & noted.

Knucklehead said...

By tomorrow, it might have decided to check out another point it can stretch to, though.

Knucklehead said...

The swamp sunset is one I made from a piece of Sea Fan, & an actual sunset seen through the smoke of a Malibu fire a few years ago. I like it also.
I like to put mental images on canvas.
I`m glad you`re well, & back.
The cactus is about to go crazy, with about 30 blooms. Something I`ve never seen yet.

olivia said...

30 ... whoa!

Knucklehead said...

Here`s just a few of the, about to blooms, buds.
Cactus buds
Buds more

olivia said...

Thanks Head ... I left some cookie crumbs in the shape of questions while I was over in your flickr photostream ... :)