Thursday, August 2, 2007


This image taken at night shows the fluoresence this animal shows off with. This Tube Anemone, a Cerianthus, Arachnanthus or Pachycerianthus is found in all seas.
It must be fed on small planktonic foods. They can be a challenge to keep & are quite dangerous to other corals or giant clams. They create a tube in a deep sand bed or in a mud substrate, & need a space around them as large as the sweep of their tentacles. Anything inside that range is subject to being killed.
By clicking on this image you may see other views of this one, a very interesting animal in my collection.


Family Man said...

That's a magnificent picture Head. It looks like there's a halo going around the middle. Wonderful!

Nancy P said...

Glorious. It complements andif's "epiphany" photo over at Olivia's place today, I think. Great minds running along illuminating tracks. . .
And good morning!

Knucklehead said...

Hi FM,
Thanks, sometimes the spots on the tentacles stand out, sometimes it seems to be pulsating with an inner light.
Maybe it knows something we mere humans don`t.
It does communicate that it has the power to astound.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
"Great minds running along illuminating tracks..."
now that is a lovely thing to say. There are so many ways that statement is applicable.
I`ll take the path of zen & be thankfull I can run along the tracks Andif has illuminated for me with her meditative images.
You also leave me with an idea. By trying to compliment the post images on Olivia`s site, with one of similar contemplative value, on this one, we might bring just a little more to the beginning of the repective visitors` day. And so, good day to you & to all those you meet today.

Evangeline said...

Amazing! Simply amazing! Are you sure it's from planet Earth?

Knucklehead said...

It surely can leave one to wonder about it`s provenance. I`m sure if it was able to communicate the stereotypical phrase,"take me to your leader", I`d have to point to Coconut. He`s just as good a "leader" as our monkey in residence at the white house.
They do come in different color morphs also, I`ve seen one with orange center tentacles. They retract into a protective sheath created from special types of nematocysts [stinging capsules].

dada said...

it's like a neon sign: open for business


Knucklehead said...

dada, When I first opened the link, & with my eyesight not completely recovered, It looked like Motel 6, open for business. Hah

olivia said...


olivia said...


Hi Head

Knucklehead said...

Hi Olivia,
Hope it`s cooler for the weekend for you.
Tomorrow I get to meet the bridesmaids at a wedding Teri is setting up for a friend. So while you boggle , I will "ogle".
Don`t let the woodchucks bite. Remember the meteorite shower is in a few weeks.
I`ll pin it down in a few days & make sure every one knows.

NDD said...

I went through both sets. Stupendous!

re:tube anemones-- KH, "...the power to astound."

The phrase is a great descriptor of the sum total of White Knuckles, I think.

btw, I'm concerned for your well-being, so... don't forget to borrow a cane for tomorrow when you meet the bridesmaids, as you'll likely be walking around like Chester on Gunsmoke...

Knucklehead said...

Hey NDD,
Thanks, that`s very nice. Don`t ever think I`m any less surprised than anyone else when I see what goes on on my underwater planets. I`m so enthused by what I see, that I try & capture it to share.
The cane is a great suggestion. Now I don`t have to give my fake footcast, a fresh coat of plaster. ot; I have this trick pair of pants I made with three legs. The third leg is a long stick that goes down the pant leg & ends in another boot, on the outside of the two real ones. With a coat on & manipulating the stick through the coat pocket to match the movement of the my real leg on the other side it`s quite a mindblower. It takes a little getting used to. Two legs move as one stride while the middle one is basically a center pivot, but one of the real ones. I used to walk down the road & freak people out. It`s really amazing how realistic yet strange it is. Ah those mushroom daze.

NDD said...

read that to Ms NDD, as she's sitting a few feet off reading the last Harry Potter,

me laughing to point of tears, Ms wondering, " that for real."

Ha ha, told her it had to be based on what I know of KH so far... which is no doubt the proverbial tip of the berg!!!

re "...mushroom daze" yep, found memories of yesteryear

Knucklehead said...

I`m glad you got a laugh out of it. It does make people do double takes, & though they may stare & wonder, I can keep an air of purpose, while striding by as if it`s perfectly normal. [for me]
I even set up a camera on my porch & studied my walking gait over & over till I had it down.
Then it was , "hit the streets". It was an experiment I thought up & just followed through with. No other reason needed, & a little spare time, I guess.

NDD said...

if'n ya posted a video of that on youtube, it'd get rave reviews I suspect

well, night night! hasta man(y)ana!

Family Man said...

Hey Head.

I just realized you were having a problem with you foot/ankle/leg, and it looks like your eyes too. I hope things are starting to get better.

BTW I found it hilarious about the extra pant legs.

Take care of yourself.

Knucklehead said...

Hey FM,
My eyesight is back on track. I`d had an infection somewhere in my sinus cav. that swelled up & pushed my eye enough to affect my binocular vision. It`s fine now. thanks. Ya just goofing off with an extra leg. I`ll try & go through some old footage I have on film to see if I can find my 3 legged gait tapes. I also have some copies coming of a DVD of some of my tanks. I`ll make sure you get to see it. [ a few weeks from now]