Saturday, August 18, 2007


This is an image I created with the one in the header. It started out with the truck, a gift from Dave Mann, a renowned artist.
I shot it on a board in my field, then cut it out & pasted it onto a longer canvas for the header shot. I took an old pen stand where the pen would hang magnetically under the light part of the lamp standard. The bridge rails I made by shooting some stailess steel mesh, I have around for getting a star effect in photography. I created the light spray on another canvas & copyed & pasted them into this image. A reflection of light off the fast moving water was done by splashing three or four different paint colors & using a blurring motion filter to smooth & haze the water. I also blurred the wheels very slightly with a circular motion filter. This is a model of one of the actual Easy Rider rigs. This one is about 14 inches long. This image is done in 17 different layers then flattened & sized for inclusion in this post. If you have any questions on any aspect of the image or any questions involving whatever you want to question me about I will do my best to be truthful.
Remember, a day of rest is always best.


NDD said...

that's a pretty trippy scene ya got KH. Maybe you're the next Andy Warhol??

And yeah, sometime when my brain is firing on all 8 cyls, I'll have some questions for ya on the PSing stuff...

For sure, for sure... as the Valley Girls would say.

Knucklehead said...

Hey NDD,
I think there`s a cop unit rolling up on this rig. It might be in an update to this post tomorrow.
I do these as homework, & try to incorporate as many different tool elements in them to learn how better to use them together.
On PS, I`m not an expert but I can get around with it pretty well. I`ll be glad to give you any help with it.
After I got the movie program down, I got PhotoShop version 6 then 7 now I have version 8. It`s an amazing piece of software. The movie you`ll see is one of my first ones. I hope you like it. The editing of the music was the most difficult part. As you`ll see, the timing in it, is critical.

Kidspeak said...

And here I thought you were saying you were gone to Sturgis! I guess it's over by now for this year, however.

I stand in awe at your Photoshop work. I'm just learning, and feeling overwhelmed compared to my tiny editing program that I know pretty well.

And really like the truck, as I imprinted on big trucks as a toddler. My parents gave me a huge toy Allied Van truck when I was three (a pretty strange toy for a little girl at that time). Next to my cat, my favorite thing as a child.

tatudave said...


Brings back memories of some really good times. Motorsickles, salty air, Dume Room, Malibu Ranch, Ventura Fairgrounds, PCH median curbs, Dave, Jacquie, Kim, Bud, Krylon, Tom, Blake, an actors' Ol' Lady, free flowing Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Budweiser & more. Oh, did I mention motorsickles?

...Ahhhhh, those were the days!


Knucklehead said...

Kidspeak & Tatu Dave,
I figured we was running a little fast. There`s always the prowling smokies that`ll ruin yer day. I didn`t see this one coming.
Did you put the kitty in the truck for rides?
Hey Dave,
Yeah, running the coastline at sunset was always a trip. Coming down into the north end of Malibu from Ventura , Oxnard, thundering in formation was always a thrill. You just brought back memories of the partying, the whiskey (VO neat) & The Girls, oooh the girls. The crashes some of the guys got into, I gloss over, but all in all, we didn`t lose too many to the cagers. Good list of memories. Check the pigs in the link.


Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

I double posted is why there`s a deleted comment.

olivia said...


Your creativity and your PS skills are amazing.

Knucklehead said...

It makes it more enjoyable to study tool use when one can see results & adjust the application of the tools to make those results pleasing to the eye.