Tuesday, August 28, 2007


 1 DSCN1336
While waiting to shoot the eclipse tonight, I decided to go play with my flashlight, a camera & a night bloom on one of my cactus. If you look at this image & look at the lighting of it, it looks a little strange.
This is an eight second exposure at approx F 4 to F5 I`d guess. I set the timer for 10 secs. & with the flashlight held far enough away to give enough light to focus on the bloom (it`s pitch dark out), but not too much to confuse the light sensor, I click the shutter. I then move the flashlight away & position it to start washing the bloom when the shutter opens.
As soon as it opens, I start underneath & in the back of the bloom, brushing the bloom with light & in a continuous motion light up the areas of the bloom a little more where I want the final image to be highlighted. I end up in the front of the bloom & make sure to finish with the light on the area in the front of the subject. It takes a little experimenting but once you start trying things like this, it`s easier to graduate to more experimentation. I just thought of a new thing I will try. Shooting with different colors by putting colored cellophane on the flashlight. Hmmnmm
Well here it is, & there`s a few more on Planet Earth.
Good day.
Since this is Ladies Night here,
this bloom is dedicated to Haylie Norton, a very bright young lady presently on a tour of Germany.


AndiF said...

I really love the edges in that shot. And your description of how you took it makes me appreciate it all the more.

Knucklehead said...

Good morning Andif,
I just got in from shooting the eclipse. It`s now 3:26 AM. I shot a sequence of over 100 shots to make a slide show of the eclipse. One of them is a strange shot. I`ll post it tomorrow.
I ate some of the bloom tonight. I sure won`t be doing that again. PHTEEEWE
I wish I could put a scratch & sniff in the post. Those blooms are incredibly fragrant.

Family Man said...

Morning Head.

I like the light and shadow on this picture. Very nice.

olivia said...

That's ingenious ... the lighting, not the petal-eating, hehe ... :)

Wow ... it's so crisp and the light really does come from inside and around and on top. You've get me wanting to experiment (w/ the lighting heh ... ;)

Thanks for explaining the technique Head, and thanks for getting the moon shots ... and for trying out the petal too.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks, FM
Light & shadow is what it`s all about.
"At first there was nothing
Then god created light
There was still nothing
But now you could see it"

Knucklehead said...

Olivia, you`re making me feel like a guinea pig.
Bathing the subject with light is something I`ve been working with for a just little while. I found that the light must be in constant motion. I try & not revisit the same area too many times. After each shot I look at it & correct for over/ under exposure. Studies like this really helps for seat of the pants decisions, when you shoot or you have nothing. I`d rather shoot, even if the result is not acceptable. These experiments makes shooting more intuitive.

NDD said...

great technique and great stategy, KH. I'm learning new photo tips all the time here.

in ref to prev post;

F-NDD was in Italy for 24 months during WWII, and M-NDD was on the west coast, Washington, Seattle area? putting rivets in the walls of ships, (a rosie rivetter).

My next youngest brother and I were able to get an evening of stories on the experiences in Italy. They were guarding the Vatican at one point.

I've been fortunate to have been aquainted with quite a few old timers over the last several decadenses... and many are pretty amazing characters!

Looking forward to the moon sequence.

Knucklehead said...

We learn from our elders, & hopefully we can pass that on to the youngsters, who invariably know better.
Yes NDD, I`m always trying new things especially when I`m limited to the dark of night, to shoot the blooms.