Friday, August 31, 2007


This has been an ongoing image I`ve been working on for a few years.
It started as an image of a glass in the garden.
I removed the garden, & put it in the sky.
Then I decided to add a fish which I distorted to fit the optical requirements of seeing a fish in a wine glass.
I had some cloud shots I took yesterday & put the glass of fish into that.
Working with clouds that are ill defined, & glass with it`s transparent reflections are some of the more difficult manipulations I study with. You can see a few other versions of this image, beyond the click.
Have a nice week end, please.


Family Man said...

Morning Head.

You really did a great job of having the clouds and fish come through the glass. I'm still trying to figure out how you did that.

Knucklehead said...

It`s definitely not easy, or I should say it takes a long time.
You always have to step back & take a good look at all the layers you`re working with.
I might have 7/8 layers I `m working with. If I`m not carefull , I could perform an action that is not visible, only to find out later that I erased something that is possibly not recoverable.
Let`s say I have the fish on one layer, a few layers of the glass, a few layers of clouds & three or four layers of different parts of some of all of those. All layers are stacked one over the other & although you can see them all in a layer palette, only one is active. You cannot see each individual layer on the main canvas, only the active one. You can activate any layer you want & you can reduce the opacity of one to see the layer below.
When erasing the cloud layer which is on top of the fish glass, I can reduce the opacity of the eraser tool to erase only a percentage of it, & not all of it completely.
Where the clouds are behind the upper part of the glass I erase maybe only 15% of the clouds, making sure I create a background layer of blue the same tone as the sky in the cloud layer so I don`t see a checkered pattern when erasing.
Is that complicated. It sure as hell is to me.
That`s why I create problems & try & solve them.
It`s basically a mental exercise that also improves my tool using skills.
PS, is quite the program. I have many images I created. I leave them all over the place, & when I happen on to one, I always try & improve it. I`ll post one tomorrow that involves more than one glass overlapping each other & throwing shadows against a background. The shadow of one is cast through the glass of the other. The fact that I have to create shadows through transparent items ups the degree of difficulty by a few factors.
I think I have a problem in the image that I`ve been trying to solve. You`ll see what I mean tomorrow.
Thanks for the implied interest.