Monday, August 6, 2007


Tommy Tomato in Clone n DSCN0079
For "LADIES NIGHT" here on the White Knuckles blog, I present this image for Laura Tate.
This clownfish shot I took this morning. I rescued this fish from a local vet`s office. I actually rescued the complete tank, but it was in sad shape. The anemone was given to me by a friend, to give the clown a more natural habitat.
The anemone when in a healthy environment will tend to reproduce. It does this by cloning itself into two anemones by splitting in two. This is actually the thirteenth clone from the mother one.
I really have no way of knowing if this is the original or not, but seeing as it`s a clone, it matters little.
The anemone is in peril in the wild only when it`s clownfish is removed & the clown suffers the same peril if the anemone is removed. The clownfish will make sure the anemone is fed by bringing food to it. In the tank pictured here, & yes there is water & an acryrlic layer between you & the animals, so you are safe, there are two more anemones from the parent one. The clownfish now serves three mistresses. It also has three secure spots . I use to give the clones to any responsible hobbyist but now I trade them in at aquarium shops for whatever I might need. My clones are still always available to anyone who can care for them. There will be a time when, as a reefing community, we will be replenishing the wild stocks moreso than what we do already. The reef community website of which I am a longtime member has over 130,000 members worldwide. I`ll put in a new slideshow in the "Planet Earth" location in the morning to surprise the guest of honor Ms. Laura Tate. She doesn`t know yet she is gracing us today but she will be notified through proper channels.


AndiF said...

What gorgeous lighting -- you are a genius at getting the light to heighten the details and story of your photos.

Family Man said...

What Andi said Head. :)

It does look like they're in thin air without water or aquarium around them.

olivia said...

The colours are fantastic. The detail is amazing. I love your descriptions. I'm in awe ...

Nancy P said...

Geez louise, it is a science fiction world in there! Cloning! Splitting in two!

And the clowns feed the anemones! That is so amazing and cool. Or else its a fish Mafia: Gimme da food and I'll protect ya.

Cool, cool stuff. Thanks.

Knucklehead said...

In the beginning there was nothing.
Then god created light.
There was still nothing.
But now, you could see it.
When shooting fish [other than in a barrel], I found that if the fish`s eye is in focus, you already have a nice image. The problem is the fish is constantly zipping in & out of the anemone, making the tentacles wave around & changing depth of field opportunities, along with distracting the auto-focus sensor.
I use a flash to compensate for the different kinds of light neccessary for a healthy aquarium reef.
With all that to consider, it definitely does not make me a genius. One time I shot one that was "thiiis biiig" [spreads arms to over a foot, a fisherman`s lie]
Thank you Andif, coming from a light master, a great compliment indeed.

Knucklehead said...

You may not believe it, but some people, actually looking at my tanks, think I`m trying to fool them into thinking it`s a real reef.
They don`t know how I do it, but have convinced themselves it can`t be real. More Shrooms please, aisle three.

Knucklehead said...

A friend who was over yesterday also remarked on detail, pointing out the folds in the tentacles. It was just the perfect wave, as surfers say.
To tell the truth, I`m much more comfortable shooting fish & underwater life, than above water scenes that you & Andif, are so good at.
Thanks Olivia

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
It doesn`t take long before the mob takes over.
When they see me, it only takes a minute for the "Capos" of the tanks to make me pay tribute.
Each tank seems to have a designated leader, to get my attention.
Science fiction seems to have nothing on science fact in the natural world. Things that we don`t think about, become amazing, when we do.
If you don`t follow the rules, ya`z just might be sleepin wit da fish.

boran2 said...

Wow, you even managed to get him to show his teeth for the camera.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Boran2,
It`s strange to think that a set of teeth in an animal so different from a land carnivore could be somewhat similar.
I have felt the bite of some of my protegees, & if feels quite similar also.
Sometimes they bare their teeth at me at a certain point in time when I shoot them. At other times they seem to yawn. I`ve kept track of the space of time between when I first start shooting them to when they yawn.
I can not focus fast enough to shoot them when they do it, so at approximately the estimated elasped time I prefocus on where I hope a certain fish will be, & wait for it to yawn. It sure sounds like I have nothing much to do, but when I`m successful, it sure feels good. This is one of my successful shots although not a very good one photographically speaking. I have a series of "rude" fish.

NDD said...

That's quite the yawn on the Royal Gramma, a very pretty fish too, but where's the Royal Grandpa?

Also it's a great shot of the tomato clownfish. It's interesting how similar the color of the anemone is to this clownfish.

Knucklehead said...

The Royal Gramma, is upstairs putting on her fishnet stockings, for Neptune`s ball.
I have a few pictures where the Clownfish is exiting stage left from the anemone with his tail still inside. It looks like the fish has a beautiful flowing tail.