Saturday, August 18, 2007


Teri, called me outside this afternoon to take a picture of a bug. She told me to hurry, as she didn`t know if it would stick around. I was in the shower, but when she calls I`m on it. This is the bug, a praying mantis. It is quite unusual to see this insect here. They are only seen here, from my experience, when it has been hotter than normal. We quickly became friends & after a few shots, she decided to climb onto my hand. She may have been wanting my hand in marriage because she kept licking her lips. They do have lips right?
Anyway, I`ve only seen three of these insects in the many years I`ve lived at the beach.
I don`t know how material the fact is, that the same thing happened to IVG yesterday. It seems that they are wearing different contact lenses, or it`s sunnier where IVG is.
IVG`s Mantis friend has dark blue eyes it seems. This one`s eyes are so light, they were hard to see.
Hopefully, this one will also stick around the gardens here.
You may step into the image on Planet Earth.
Everyone please have a safe weekend, & always remember to be cool.


Nancy P said...

It's praying mantis day in the Blog Village, lol. And here I was just over at IVG's telling him he had the best p.m. photo I've ever seen, and now here you come with this beauty, too.

Interesting about the eyes, indeed. And yours has an almost slimy, sticky look (no offense!), while IVG's looks dry and brittle.
Plus, yours has polka dots, so maybe it's going to a square dance while IVG's is steppin' out with his baby (for the first and last time).

I feel well prayed for this morning. :)

Knucklehead said...

Nancy p,
It definitely was a strange coincidence.
Whatever you say. She might be slimey, but she`s still my girlfriend, so back off.
Nancy p, if you look closely, you`ll see water droplets on her body. She just got out of a beauty salon & those are beauty drops.
Slimey, pttthpt
Now that you mention it, IVG`s does look all brittle & dried up. An old hag.
Ms Nancy p, you sure know how to start cat fights don`t you.
Have a great day.

olivia said...

Wow! LOL, funny how that happens -- last summer IVG posted some Monarch photos and I commented about how I hadn't seen any all summer and the next day I think I found some in the public garden. There have been many, many Monarchs this summer I'm happy to say.

This guy doesn't look as sinister as IVG and Fernymoss's mantis. Maybe b/c it's looking head-on, while theirs was a sly over the shoulder look. Looking at those pointy bits on his arms inspires fear though ... eek.

olivia said...

Oh excuse me ... she is a beauty ... ;)

Knucklehead said...

Yes she is a beauty.
I wished her well, as she flew off my hand.
I haven`t seen her since.
That`s a funny coincidence about coincidences.