Monday, September 17, 2007


 2 DSCN1865
The Bangaii Cardinalfish is a male mouth brooder. Here it is among different corals.
A large Elephant Ear is in the foreground, to the right are Brown Polyps. Continuing on around, is a large Green Bubble Coral, then a Green Branching Torch Coral, & in the tail of the Bangaii, a Blastomusa, in red.
In the header is a Sea Slug called a Tigertail.
They may reach lengths of over 6 feet, & can reproduce by fission. I started with one in this tank, & now have four.
I`ll be giving a few away, as there will soon not be enough food in the substrate to accomodate all of their needs, respectively.
On Planet Eart, a Green Frogspawn Coral & some more slugs, while behind the Bangaii, are a few shots of the Hawkfish, a Marroon Clown & the Green Bubble.
Have a bright tomorrow & look to the future with hope.


AndiF said...

I'm having all kinds of problems with my dial-up connection and I'm not saying that it's taking forever for your pics to load but I am starting to feel a whole lot closer to retirement age.

(I only let this one get 2/3 loaded before I gave up but what I saw was cherce.)

Knucklehead said...

Good day Andie,
Age is relative, but hopefully it`s not from my side that you`re having a hardtime loading pix.
If it is please tell me .
"cherce"?.. hello

olivia said...

Hi Head ... I'm late today ... :)

What are those little bumps on the body for? [link] Is that how it moves?

The frog spawn looks like a pearly pink vase filled w/ green flagellae ... :)

AndiF said...

Nope, it's not your side at all. I've been having problems with connections and speed for a couple of days. It's a pain.

Knucklehead said...

Actually it helps to get a grip.
It moves the same way an earthworm does, but it`s also why it`s called a Sea Cucumber. (Pickle spines)
In the DVD, there is a very large Frogspawn Coral.
This one is a "branching" one, while the DVD one is "Meandroid".

Knucklehead said...

Thanks for confirming it`s not from my end, but I do hope you get it resolved.
Have aa nice evening.

NDD said...

Hey, ain't this the "actor" in the DVD with that mouth full of little Cardinalfish?

Fascinatingly gross, comes to mind as a descriptor for that.

The B C is beautiful... (very interesting colors and pattern) as long as he keeps his mouth shut, ha!

Knucklehead said...

Yes, that would be he.
Strange as it may seem, this fish was discovered, only a short time ago, relatively speaking.(1933)
Although I have bred these in my reefs, one aspect of their reproduction process has never been observed as far as I know. These fish are crest dwellers & rarely will they be out of sight in a reef tank. I have observed their mating rituals, & I could always tell when I would soon be a proud pop. Then, the pair would disappear into the rockwork. When they emerge from the rocks, the males mouth is distended & filled with eggs, & the bitch just swims away.
This egg transfer has, to my knowledge, never been observed by anybody. There still are a few mysteries unsolved, which in this case, might be a good thing.