Thursday, September 13, 2007


This is a morh of Orange Zoas in my collection. They do come in a variety of colors & some reefers have extensive collections of some outlandish ones. They can be readily propagated & we exchange them with each other all the time.
By breaking the rock they are growing on here, I can start as many colonies as I want. If someones comes over & has a liking for any of them I`ll just break off a chip of rock with a few on it for them. That`s what will many a camper happier. I have more behind this one & more of them on Planet Earth.
The header is a flower made of a self portrait reflected in one of my friend`s gas tank. There`s a larger image of an individual flower which you can access by clicking in the exact center of any one of those in the header.
Now, please be nice to the less fortunate. They know who they are, but if you treat everybody equally, they`ll surely be included.


AndiF said...

"Freakier and freakier!", cried Andi (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).

olivia said...

LOL Andi ... I like it when you post first. :)

Morning Head, Andi.

Head -- how big are these? The actual size of a blueberry or smaller. (Was just looking at the set, and they really do look like blueberries ...:)

Nancy P said...

Nice design symmetry between the tops of the zoas and your "flower" header.