Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This heavy granite sculpture of an oriental lady made a convenient hat caddy for my friend Sandy, a most beautiful lady.
The Rainbow Snakeskin Discus in the header leans both ways & has a following behind it. There is also an unusual pic of it there.
On planet Earth, a snake, California King, returns from a bloody battle, seemingly none the worse for wear.
The moral: Everybody must get stoned , but you can`t put a hat on, & mess with a snake, unless you want to get bloody
& blue. Now, hit the streets & have a nice day, please.
A sign in Coronation Park, Toronto, reads, "Please walk on the grass".


AndiF said...

That banner is one of my favorites.

The stoner lady makes me feel groggy which is impressive since I'm barely awake.

olivia said...

Morning Head, Andi ... Like Andi, I think the header is one of your most unique ... very kewl.

I'm off to explore Planet Earth. Hope you have neither a blue nor a bloody day, but do get to walk on the grass.


Family Man said...

Hi Head.

Very pretty lady with a hat, and I agree with Andi on the header. However, I did stay away from the snakes. :)

olivia said...

LOL FM ... I wondered what you were going to say about the snakes ... :)

Knucklehead said...

Olivia, I don`t know how you know my schedule, but I was going to try explaining that .
The Snakeskin is a type of Discus, & this blue one is called a Rainbow, so it`s a Snakeskin Rainbow or a Rainbow Snakeskin.
The bloody snake is one that raced down from the hillside, having been involved in some sort of altercation. Teri, a champion of all living things, picked it up, allowed me a quick series of shots, then wiped the snot off it`s face & sent it off with a reassuring pat on the "head".
As for FM, I had no idea, there was an issue, when it came to snakes. Sorry FM, didn`t mean to wake you with that.