Sunday, September 23, 2007


The paradox at hand requires one to think like a Terranist.
On the last day of a yard sale I was having , some years ago, I was giving everything away. When anyone asked me why, I told them I was a Terranist.
Fences don`t lend to that way of thinking. This is the last image of this fence I`ll have.
Down it comes.
Thses images were taken today on an exploratory mission. I discovered a few surprises along the way, & loved the sky & the sound of crashing waves. I`ll leave you to go explore for yourselves. Have a rest today, or you`ll Fall.
Happy first day of Fall.


Beth said...

Beautiful picture, head. You have waves? Happy Fall to you, too!

olivia said...

Morning Head and Beth ... Your exploration yielded some beautiful treasures -- that sky for starters. (As always I was over at flickr first ... ;-) I love that splash of colour in your header image up top. Beautiful. And what's this on Planet Earth -----> Head, you've got the Cup ... hehe ;-)

Family Man said...

Hiya Head, Beth and Olivia.

Head I've said it before, but I do love these background pictures of yours. This is an especially pretty one today.

BTW doesn't the Stanley Cup have something to do with soccer? :D

Knucklehead said...

G`mornin` Beth, & thankyou.
I live in Malibu, so one is never far from waves. I hear them all night & although I don`t live on the sand, I really prefer it that way for my present way of life.
But my view is incredible.
Btw, the motto for this place is:
"Malibu, A Way Of Life"
All Fall down.

Knucklehead said...

Good day Olivia,
Yes, I was on a little walkabout & decided to see it in pictures. I was at a dilapidated greenhouse that was full of pots & shells & over on a shelf, I noticed Stanley`s famous cup. I couldn`t leave without bringing something back for you. I have no idea where anyone would have gotten that, here, but it`s been on that shelf, right there, for years.
The red in the header is Bouganvillea.

Knucklehead said...

FM, Thanks.
After an unusual rain storm (for this time of year) the sky was as crisp as a Pringles.
As far as the Stanley Cup being related to soccer, you may be right, but I was always under the impression that it was the cup, awarded every four years for shuttlecock.
"Straight to the moon, Alice".