Sunday, September 2, 2007


First, these are images of glasses. While glass is transparent, an image of glass is not. If you click on this image, you`ll see what this work was created from. It`s another piece of "homework" I do to test my mental skills, or lack of them.
I created this challenge for myself to see what can be made to look transparent from different ways to apply multiple parts of the two images I took. When I think of a problem I`ll try to solve, I try & start with the most basic components, as rough as they may be. Instead of setting up a glass & try to make it conform to what I envisioned the final look would be, I just took a glass by the stem & shot the bowl. I then grabbed it by the bowl & shot the stem. That`s it. From those two images I spent hours & hours solving the problem of transparency. No other parts were used except from the two rough shots.There are a few more problems in the image, but I may not be able to correct them. If you see anything that does not look correct, please comment on it. I`ll see if I can explain it away. hah.


Family Man said...

Morning Head.

After seeing what you started with, those are great shots. I can see why it would take hours and hours of work on something like this.

I guess the thing that I noticed the most was not the transparency, but that it looked like they were floating in mid-air.

Knucklehead said...

That`s the trick.
You can`t see the transparency. Everything is opaque, but making it look transparent is the hard part. That you don`t notice it, I think is great. The surreal is the floating in air look. They will eventually crash & shatter, once the freefall they`re in, comes to a conclusion.
Where the two solid glasses overlap, you can still see the glass beyond. If I wanted to shoot two overlapping glasses that would have been fine, but my self imposed problem, was to see the back glass through the solid / opaque image of the fore glass. What you`re really seeing is part of the back glass copied & on top of the front glass. If you cut out a picture of a window pane, & put it on top of another picture of a window pane, the front picture would obliterate the back one. In other words, you can`t look through a picture of a window.
The fact that the glasses exist with no base or that they are in free fall, bears little on the problem.
The way to get them to look like they`re floating is by creating shadows for the glasses & making reflections on the wall, another impossibility, therefore the relections are on top. I hope I`ve just confused myself as much as you have.

AndiF said...

What fun, Head. Thanks for sharing the process with us -- it really enhances the final result.

olivia said...

Floating ... that's what I noticed as well. This is fascinating. You really do magic w/ PS ...

... you can`t look through a picture of a window ... This is a great explanation. And helps me wrap my head around trying to capture (manufacture?) the transparency at the joining. Very kewl Head.

I still think about that diary you posted over at BT -- the one w/ the red door and the picture frame and the scene copied into the frame. I really loved how simple and yet complex that image was.

Knucklehead said...

Good morning Andif,
Thank you, & have a great day.
I`m not the best "explainator".

Knucklehead said...

It seems like a long time to spend on an image, that has no obvious "raison d`etre", but it`s the processes that I study, & learn from.
I came to the ...picture of a window...theme, late in my explanation to FM. I`m happy you think it was an apt metaphor.
As for the "RED DOOR" at BT, if you want to link it, please do so.
I have no idea how one would do that.
I love the hot air, you got up so early to capture for us, at your Blog.

olivia said...

Here it is:

SKEWING IN PhotoShop a tutorial.

Knucklehead said...

I kan`t beleeve the spellung errers in that dairy.
From what I can deduce, the link is from the line above the comment section. You just copy & paste that?

olivia said...

Hi ... :)

There are a few places to find the link: You can copy the link from your web browser (safari?), from that line above the comments section, or from the title of the diary.

You could just copy and paste the link, but that means it won't be 'live' -- as in clickable -- will look like regular text.

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Next, add a description so we know where you're sending us ... :)

Remove all the spaces between the angle brackets so everything is touching.

Preview (as d would say) ...


Knucklehead said...


olivia said...

de rien ... :)

Knucklehead said...

Caliss qui fait chaud ici!!