Thursday, September 6, 2007


This is artwork from a very great friend of mine. He was known for motorcycle art but was a very good surrealist artist.
He passed into Hog Heaven a few years ago, but we have a huge memorial for him every year which draws thousands of people.
He was always a champion of our rights as individuals.
Fighting for "Biker" rights, is fighting for everyone`s rights. We had some good times.
In the header you can go see what Sun Corals look like.
On Planet Earth, I posted a collection of different items of interest to brighten your day. The cover shot is a made up fish I created a few years ago for a group of reefers.
Please have a lovely day & keep smiling.


Family Man said...

Good morning Head.

Your friend was a good artist. I would like to see some of his surrealist work sometimes. I also like the sun corals. You almost need sunglasses to look at them. :)

I've got a question. What is a "made up fish"?

Hope you have a good one today Head.

AndiF said...

Can't say I know anything about motorcycle art so I have no idea where this stands in the pantheon of great motorcycle art but it certainly has panache.

But I hope you didn't make up the flaming hawk bunnyfish as such a wonderful name (and freaky colors) really deserve to exist.

Knucklehead said...

Hey FM,
A madeup fish is the one I made up to have fun with some friends. I took three fish & put them together. It`s a Flame Angel, a Hawkfish & Rabbitfish.

Knucklehead said...

Here`s an oil by Dave, that might give you a better idea of his skills. The posted one is mostly airbrush.
As for the Flaminghawkbunnyfish, I`m sorry, but yes, it`s one that didn`t make the cut.

olivia said...

Love the colours!

Knucklehead said...

Good morning. Have a nice weekend.

olivia said...

Head, I love the flaming hawk bunnyfish too!

olivia said...

Hope you have a good w/e as well -- are you doing anything special?

Knucklehead said...

Olivia, it looks strange but they`re not good to eat. hah

Knucklehead said...

It`s cooled down to normal here, so I`m just going to relax & work on a special mission. More on that later. It`s not a big deal though.

olivia said...

kewl ... ;)

AndiF said...

Nice painting -- probably more my style too; the poster kinda made me think of soviet realism stuff.

Bunnyfish exist! :)

olivia said...

LOL Andi!

Knucklehead said...

Andif, The post one is a monthly poster in a magazine that he did for maybe 30 years.
The oil is more what he did on the side. I`ll get some of his other stuff together for a set in the sidelines.
I love the one in the tub, (the last image). The bunnyfish she`s holding is cute too.
Good one.

Beth said...

I found another family blog!! Beautiful shots, Head. And I'm still laughing over the flaminghawkbunnyfish...

I guess we CAN amuse ourselves while Nancy's off working, huh?

I'll be a regular visitor, now that I know where you are, beach bum. :-)

Knucklehead said...

Hey Beth
Come on in & make yourself comfortable.
I hope you take a little bit of time to visit some of the blog archives. If you have a request for anything image-wise pertaining to reef specimens see if you can stump me. I usually link the header image & Planet Earth with a few surprises to make one`s day a little lighter. I`m glad you stopped in.

NDD said...

Lady Liberty is fantastic! I liked his other works in the slide show too.

SeaHorse is a cutie!

Another great evening of entertainment at White Knuckles.

Knucklehead said...

Hey NDD,
I`ll try & put together some of his stuff. I gave away a lot of his works that I had limited editions of. I have three large coffee table books signed to me by him. I`ll scan some of the images in them. One is of me running my bike on "Sunset Boulevard", but there are much better ones I`ll scan.
How`s things in ND?

Kim said...

Hello - if anyone knows how to find the original and permission to reprint, please let me know.

Knucklehead said...

Dave`s (the artist)wife Jackie, sells prints of all his work.
She is a good friend of mine & a sweetheart.
You can google David Mann for his website.
I can`t personally give permission to print any of his stuff.

Adam Montenegro said...

I have this painting in my house .. Some one glued it to a piece of wood must have been from a magazine