Sunday, September 16, 2007


This lady was crying in a garden I visited today. It is a carved "Fencepost" stone, drilled for water to flow over her head & body, eventually creating her features, her tears, her tresses & dresses. I also had the oportunity to take a few shots of some animals there. Adam, an eight year old, has a collection of reptiles that he keeps. He is very good at taking excellent care of them & is constantly studying their needs & habits. I met him a few years ago at my place when I noticed him hanging around my field. He had seen a large rattler & was waiting to see if he could have permission to come on the property. We quickly became friends & I now know the whole family. He brought out a large lizard while I was there today giving his mom some advice on a pond. She went in & brought out a cornish game hen, which the lizard devoured. I would never have believed it could have eaten that much, even with the hen having been put through a blender first.
Then it was a new snake that came out. The lizard meanwhile was hanging out on the lawn. He leaves it outdoors for hours at a time. Anyway the snake a beautifull one is over on Planet Earth along with another one, a little ringneck racer. The maid found that one in the house. Very very small, it could coil up on a quarter. Earlier today, a friend came by. Wally, a huge dog I hadn`t seen in a year & a half almost, was thrilled to see me & started howling when he remembered who I was.
So enjoy the things I offer up today & hopefully it will make you smile, or spend some time, you may otherwise have wasted, on worries that are beyond anyone`s control.
PS:The spider web is a shot of a strange plant, taken from high in the center of it, looking down.


olivia said...

Morning Head ... Beautifully captured. I was just over at flickr and saw your photo of Wally ... very majestic looking!

Knucklehead said...

I told you you`d be up all night.
Good morning to you too.
Don`t forget the paddle when you`re up Crotch Creek.
Yes Wally is a dog among dogs.
The owners were surprised at him, howling when he suddenly recognized me.

Nancy P said...

What a feast of art and beast today! Thank you, Kh.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy p,
I`m happy you enjoyed the buffet.
Have a beautiful day.

dada said...

it must be Gaia, the earth goddess....daughter of chaos, mother and wife of uranus, progenitor of the titans and least according to the greeks.

nice image, and wally's a big boy...nice looking fellow.

Knucklehead said...

Good one & thanks.
I`m still busting a gut over the links on the two "food" items you linked.

NDD said...

Great detail on the shots of the reptiles. I'm certainly glad they're not Jurassic Park size.

Besides CA having a 365.25 day growing season your climate obviously supports a very wide variety of creatures.

Time for bed here.

Knucklehead said...

I`m glad they weren`t that size either.
I was very close to the lizard & he didn`t seem to appreciate it.
I`ve been bitten by a much larger one some years ago, so I was shooting with a little trepidation, but hey, my work comes first. NOT