Monday, September 24, 2007


dark sun 3443
Here`s some color to start your fall into a new week.
There`s some greenbacks in the header, & White Trash on Planet Eart.
Homey is a Green Ringneck we had since it was just two or three days hatched, & was a constant companion to Teri for almost 8 years. He died of unknown causes over a year ago. He was an incredible talker, but now silent, except in memories. Billy, is another adopted rescue who has been with us for maybe eight years. He`s doing very well & is an incredible flyer. Last but not least is a pair of buddies, Coconut, a Goffin Cockattoo, & Baby a small yard bird that was a rescue, but adopted us, maybe 18 months ago. They were recalcitrant buddies, but in the end always hung out on my shoulder or knee or wherever they wanted. The baby loved to sleep in Coconut`s, pine nut, treat bowl, or in my eyesocket where she would nestle in & ward off, all who approached. Baby disappeared a few days ago.
These colors should start you off, on a week which hopefully, will get more colorful as it progresses.
Add a little color to someone`s day, Please. You may get a smile in return,.. who knows.


AndiF said...

Lovely flower. Bright color. Nice eye-opener for a Monday morning.

Knucklehead said...

This is the changing of the guard, because I`m going to go shut mine. Thank you & have a great day.

Nancy P said...

Please scratch Billy's head for me. I have a special fondness for those guys, because I have friends who live with three of them. One flew off a few months ago, and landed in a yard that just happened to be owned by a woman who had raised them, herself, and had a cage into which he went easily. Happy ending. Lovely, affectionate birds.

The ring-neck is so beautiful! I've never met one. My loss. And of course Coconut is Da Man.

Family Man said...

Great pictures as usual Head. I think I like sunflower 2-3444 the best. Very vivid colors.

Knucklehead said...

Hello Nancy P
Billy birds are very nice little birds. Billy loves to spread his wings & be spritzed with water, till he`s dripping wet.
The ring neck comes in various colors. Green (obviously) Lutino (bright yellow) & Cinammon ( I think that`s the name of the blue ones).
The males, at maturity (two years) develop the neck ring & goatee, while the females just stay beautiful.
I had a yellow one that died at about 8 months of age when he & Homey both became very sick. I had to do an injection series directly into their breast for two weeks. That was horrible on me. Homey survived. But as I had a yellow bird, a green one & then a white one, I had named them Lemon, Lime & Coconut.
The name Coconut stuck.
He`s my Mojo Man. A true backstreet boy.
He hangs with an uptown girl, Honey, an African Grey.

Knucklehead said...

Those sunflowers are what initially brought the flock of wild Nanday Conures to our place. The green Nandays would get seemingly drunk & very comical thrashing the sunflowers, screaming & hanging upside down on wires above the sunflowers.

olivia said...

Lovely cheery colours today Head.

I'm sad to hear that Baby disappeared ... I hope she's at peace wherever she is.