Wednesday, September 19, 2007


two pelicans 5528
You`re all invited for a day at the beach.
I feel like the Pelicans right now so I`m going to go stand on a rock & snooze.
In the header a "WIND SURFER" hangs ten.
Over on Planet Earth, there`s plenty to drink from.
To make it easier to go to archives of the sets involved with the header & Planet Earth, I`m putting a collection of the three sets in the link to anyone of the three. I should have thought of that a long time ago, but my support team is a little crochety I think.
Just funnin`O.


olivia said...

Morning Head. Today you're showing us some beautiful creatures from the air ... How close were you able to get? Looks like they let you get right up close. And the photo of the gull w/ his shadow and reflection is really neat too (this one).

Ahhhh ... I could really use a day at the beach, as long as there was some shade ... 'cause I'm crotchety that way ... ;)

Knucklehead said...

Good day Olivia,
After spending a couple of years right at the beach where the pelican fish, I learned to wait until they were dog tired & had a belly full. They were used to me by then & knew I meant no harm. The other nice thing about the beach in the images is that as you can see, it`s not well travelled by other humans, a fact of the geography in particular. One must either, go through a cave network on one side, & a large fissure in the rocks, on the other, to access it.
I was privileged to be able to arrive from the land side onto this very private beach, so the birds did feel like I was one of them, maybe.
Did you find the collection of three sets, without any trouble?

olivia said...

Looks like it's just you and me and the birds at the beach eh ... :)

I like finding places where there are no others.

Yep, found it here.

Knucklehead said...

I thought you had written, "just you & me & the birds & the bees".
Oh well...
Yes the beach is a wonderful place to go meditate. I think I`m going to make some seashell headphones, put them on & cloose my eyes.

olivia said...

LOL Head!