Monday, September 3, 2007


This shrimp, because of a "target" circle on it`s side, is called a Bulls Eye Shrimp.
There are more images of it past the click.
This one is in the open, an unusual outing for it, but still, in the protective safety of a large Spiney Urchin, it is relatively safe from most predators.
In the header a few pix of a Mantis I shot a few nights ago.
On Planet Earth, a number of very small bugs flit over the base of a Rose Bubble Tipped Anemone. It took quite a while to capture them, as they are only 1/8th of an inch long. One would hardly see them unless speciffically looking for them.
If you survived the long week end, then please keep doing what it is you`re doing right.


AndiF said...

Lots of great stuff today to distract from thinking about going back to work after the long weekend. :)

I'm entranced by the streaky shadows in this shot.

Nancy P said...

Cool. It took me several moments to be able to "see" the shrimp. At first what I saw in the photo was a Japanese fan.

olivia said...

Morning Head, Andi, Nancy.

I was happy to sleep in the morning ('til 7am ... :)

I like your shrimp shots Head. Fascinating creatures. Love the effect here w/ the shadows of the Spiney Urchin.

Off to explore.

Knucklehead said...

Busy day for me today.
I`m glad to be a distraction.
The spines are almost like venetian blinds.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy ,
The Japanese fan dance, subtle yet enticing to the eye, why, the flutter of lashes, the glimpse of color then, ahh! a colorful shrimp.
Thanks Nancy p, I`ll always look at that shrimp as wearing a Kimono.

Knucklehead said...

Olivia, At first I thought you wrote, "I like your shrimp head shots."
The urchin spines does make it a litte like an invasion of privacy.
Thanks Olivia