Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Originally created as a lucky talisman, this creation turned into an anxiety distraction. That it worked, has not been proven yet.
As a Lifetime achievement honoree, the image & related set is posted for dada, the pied piper of blues.
The "Orange Ball Anemone" in the set, is a relatively recent discovery in my reef tank, in my other office( only another room at the other end of my compound, but it has a desk.). Although I have seen them in my tanks previously, I had never had the occasion to see the central part of the body, but only, waving tentacles from a crevice in the rocks. This species, akin to transparent glass, is such a small beauty. It is in a location that makes it quite hard to shoot also. At full extension, it is maybe as big as a quarter. These are hitch-hiker additions to a reef. They will come in on a piece of rock & make their appearance when you least expect to see them, making reefing a constant & evolving delight.
Then, for those who can`t resist a kitty, there`s one on Planet Earth.


AndiF said...

Well, my connection is doing a bit better -- this pic eventually completely loaded. I'm sure I can figure out something very zen about patience from having all these dial-up connection woes. Maybe staring at the pic will help. :)

Knucklehead said...

Good morning Andif,
I`m glad the zen monkey is helping.
I`m off to sleep now. I had no idea it was so late that you`re getting up & I haven`t even had any sleep yet.
Have a nice day.

olivia said...

LOL Head and Andi ... coming at it from both sides today.

Head, I love, love the orange ball anemone! It's beautiful ... and how wonderful it is that it decided to show itself to you.

Really, who can resist a kitty ... >'.'<

Knucklehead said...

Good day Olivia,
That Orange Ball was what I thought was a new discovery, like one might find on a deep water research expeditionary vessel.
It turned out to be "only" this beautiful example of the wonders of the deep.

MEEOOWWWW!! I`ve got the same whiskers.