Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ok so sue me.
I know I mentioned Clocks at a tennis game, but if you go to Planet Earth, you`ll get the connection. (I`d think)
These are Orange Clocks, a very invasive vine, & by the end of the day, they`re still tracking the movement of the sun.
When someone asked the cat, why he was so interested in the ongoing tennis match, sitting in very costly seats, he replied.
"My dad`s in the racket".
Anyway, let`s get back to business.
I had to spend a bunch of time, (as opposed to a lot) getting a commission printed, not too mention the surprise Rindge Railway Steamer I decided to add to the task, not including going to Fry`s to get more printer ink.
The surprise ended up with my getting a larger check amount, but that should not have any bearing on my promise of flowers today.
Don`t think it was not a pressing weight on me, especially since I stopped mid-canyon to shoot some Scotch Broom for tomorrow.
I had a hard time finding Waldo, but I am including him in the solution,though my hope was to locate the problem.
I eventually will, & you hopefully will understand the problem Waldo presents, at that time.
Now I did mention Waldo because of a comment from AndiF.
The same image subject the question arose from, I repeated it here, albeit with the added wildlife of a small Brittle Star, draping itself as a Garland Of Gross.
Now, on the main post, therein which the previous images I spoke of are linked, is my favorite friend, who yesterday was attacking Coconut through the tank wall, seemingly trying to protect me, from the ravaging I might incur, due to the misplaced notion that he was a Parrotfish.(Teri came up with that one).
I have been spending more time with my fish, & scratch their itches through the glass, as it were.
They are very comfortable with me & I can now wave most of them over to be petted.
I also added some coral frags today.
I siliconed them onto some old coral skeletons & added them to the tank.
They are both frags from the same "mother coral" and are "scrolling" corals. I will show them as soon as I know they are healthy, & we can follow the progress of their growth.
Hopefully, you will be amazed.
Good night, I`m beat, & I have to be up real early & on my feet.
So if you read this & think it`s neat,
Smile at a stranger.
It`s really a treat.


AndiF said...

Well for me the Waldo was the clown fish in P1010004_4 -- not that it was difficult to find but just that it was the perfect addition to set off the gorgeous purple.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks AndiF,
That`s from another reef of mine. I had that Purple Fungia for years.
The Red Eyed Crab is actually Waldo.
You`ll see what I mean, when I find, "Where`s Waldo", the image.