Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is from a pack of life savers I got from an old granny who had the right to life, down.
When asked how she kept her youthful looks, she replied that she sucked on a life saver.
Her elderly friend inquired where she got this life saver, intrigued by how well it seemed to work.
Her friend answered that she just took a cab down to the beach.

Have a nice day.
I should really find out what kind of coral this is.

There are some images of a moth that came to visit last night, over on Planet Earth.
Milo is still hanging tough, but he`s getting very very weak.
And Thank you for your concerns regarding him.
It`s sad to have an acquaintance leave in this manner. I don`t think I ever lost a friend like Milo, of old age.


AndiF said...

Is the other picture in the set you linked to the same coral?

It's wonderful that critters will hang around us for a long time, whether a moth (well when life is very short, long is relative), a cat, or a dog. It's wonderful even when the hanging around is done from a distance, like howling coyotes. Over the years, I've come to accept witnessing their deaths as part of the price for the wonder.

Knucklehead said...

No Andi,
The posted one is a hard coral with a stoney skeleton, whereas the linked one, is a soft coral, Leather.
I`ll post them side by side to show the visual difference also.

Andi, you are so right about the wonders of interacting with life outside of our own species.
Anyone who refuses to accept their existence as equal inhabitants of this planet & disdains participating in the relationship of all life on this planet, shall always be ignorant of one of life`s wonders & never see the amazing mysteries we are left to contemplate.
No one is getting out of here alive.
Milo was interred today.
He passed away during the night, between my periodic rounds to assure his comfort.

AndiF said...

Sorry Head. Bye Milo.

Knucklehead said...

I`m always fine with death occurring in nature`s way,
Milo never complained about it either.