Monday, April 6, 2009


In addition to the maritime battles that I observe in the reef, posted last week, I took a few more shots of the conflicts at sea.
The Purple Clawed Bulls-eye Shrimp lets nothing infringe on his territory.
A strange set of unrelated events led to this confrontation, that I shot hours later.
I had noticed a rotting of flesh on one of my Candy-cane Corals & removed it from the reef to excise the diseased/damaged part of it. While I had it in my hand, I was surprised by an Emerald Crab scuttling across my hand.
I had not known it was in the coral structure.
I immediately opened the top of the tank & flipped the crab back in, where it landed near the Shrimp`s territory.
I proceeded to treat the diseased coral & hopefully I did a good job.
Later, I witnessed the conflict I instigated.
I do not create conflicts purposefully.

Over at Planet Earth, a reminder of what a Cockney`d accented lady suggested to me, a long time ago.
Have a nice day & don`t let laughter get in the way of your smiles.


AndiF said...

Normally nothing can compete with your reef pictures but in this case DSCN4499 was just too dazzling.

We're having some snow and lows into 20s and I'm afraid we're going to lose the wildflowers that are up already (toothwort and sorrel). So I've got my own conflict going but it's with the weather gods and they generally win.

Anonymous said...

your photos amaze.... as always.

on conflict
life is like that.
we never know what are actions will set in motion. even with the best of intentions & forethought.... sometimes it's just a case of 'shit happens'


RiaD said...


i finally figured it out (i think!)

Knucklehead said...

Whether gods are winners or not, weather gods generally do win.
I`m sorry your spring has been rewound a little, but just think about when it breaks loose.

4499 looks almost edible.

Knucklehead said...

Yes RiaD,
The "butterfly effect" is always present.

Knucklehead said...

Yes you did.
I don`t know how, but you did.