Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Taking my new friend out for a "get acquainted" tour of my place, Candace, also my daughter`s name, seemed to get a thrill out of the color matched flowers in the garden.
She was a little leery of the freshwater fountain, but who can blame her.
On Planet Earth, I posted a watch dog to guard the pumpkin patch.
I`m on "cat watch" lately. Our poor old one-eyed cat Milo, is on his way out.
I`ll be doing a little story on him soon, but I need some sleep right now, & must go to the valley tomorrow, so I`m off to snoozeville.
Have a restful day tomorrow.

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AndiF said...

I'm sorry about Milo. I hope it is a gentle end.

I love the DARK KNIGHT DSCN5664 (yeah, yeah, I know ... big surprise).

Your new friend looks pretty damn fine wherever she goes.

olivia said...

Hi Head ... been thinking about Milo too. I hope he's comfortable and knows how much he's loved.

Candace is lovely ... so lovely that she makes those lovely irises dim in comparison.

Knucklehead said...

Yes, Milo has always been a nice cat. I never had a relationship with him as I`ve had with two other past cats, but he was always well loved, & I defend his right to a gentle end, & will make sure he has it.

Hey, don`t "yeah yeah" it, I like that one too.

I only hang with classy ladies.

Knucklehead said...

I took a few shots of Milo, without disturbing him.

What`s great about Candace, is that she`s taking cues from the Blue Queen, & the Black Comet, who I can call out & play with.
It usually takes a lot of time to get them acquainted with my style of approaching the reef & why.
She just comes right out to me with the same confidence.
The other day, Coconut was on my arm when I was shooting. He`s been around my tanks for years, & does nothing but look around.
I usually don`t have him on my arm because he tries to click the buttons on it.
While I was close to the tank, The Black Comet, dashed out right to the glass with his mouth wide open To get that monster away from me.
He did this repeatedly, something he`s never done to any other fish in the tank.
Oops, I think I just mentioned this last week.