Monday, April 20, 2009


This "Coral Beauty" is my new addition to the reef.
It`s one of very few angel fishes that I would introduce into a reef tank out of 5 or 6 dozen different angels. The two I`m more familiar with, the Pygmy Angel, & this one tend to not nip at clam mantles or on the soft tissue of large polyped corals. But there`s always an exception to the rule, when dealing with a reef.
I included a few more pix behind this one & you can also see another angel, a "Rock Beauty", that didn`t make the cut.
It`s still in the transport bag, that it was purchased in.
Some friends drove from LA to see me & showed up with four fish.
Three including the Rock Beauty, were not compatible with my already present reef stock.
After going through showing my friends the four fish in my books on fish species, their requirements, compatibility with all other fish, feeding needs & so forth, they didn`t feel so bad.
I then called a friend around the corner & drove the fish over. He maintains tanks all over the west side & Malibu, so he`s stoked.
I hope to get more detailed photos of my new Coral Beauty, whose name is Candace,
She flashes her colors well, but when acclimated she`ll wear them proudly all day. She`s a little nervous, as the other fish are staking out their territory to make sure the new addition knows the rules. She`ll soon find her place & the tension will ease.
I now proudly present Candace, the Coral Beauty.

I have a bunch more Irises that opened. For tomorrow.
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Have a nice springy day.


AndiF said...

Remind me to just bring a bottle of wine if I come visiting. ;)

I love the close-up 2 DSCN5521 -- just gorgeous. And the way fish-in-bag pictures use the reflections is really cool, especially DSCN5513.

olivia said...