Monday, April 13, 2009


Busted!!, While taking a little walk along the reef, I came around a rock formation & happened to surprise these two making little crabs. I backed away slowly, but then noticed it must have been a crab sex ed. class, because everyone else was there, learning.
On Planet Earth, the Leather Coral with it`s polyps extended.
The dancing crab must`ve been evicted from it`s perch. (I never had heard of a fish (perch) with crabs.
The header is a series of tubes a la Ted Stevens. There`s a full image from this series behind it.
Tomorrow, & I do hope it`s a pleasant one for everyone, come by & see a whole bunch of clocks at a tennis match.


AndiF said...

Who knew being crabby could be such a good thing. :)

I loved DSCN5252 -- there was so much fascinating detail in it (I expect if I look long enough I will find Waldo in there).

olivia said...

LOL! Quite a size difference between those two ... :)

Knucklehead said...

Check back tomorrow for Waldo, & more on this image.
The big guy finally got to come out of his shell.

Knucklehead said...

Oh, you noticed, he does have small claws.
How do you like the the way she`s reaching up to pull him close.
And the look on both their faces when I surprised them.
Oh! High school, those were some times.
Did you see the crowd they attracted?