Tuesday, April 21, 2009


 3 DSCN5536
This is a little tribute to my friend Pudsy, who has been such a friend, in suffering through my metaphorical serenade, influenced by Iamblichus, a man who, though tilted towards Neoplatonism & (a favorite of mine Pythagoras) ultimately settled with those, albeit tempered with the magic & mysticism of Asia
This little fountain of blues & reflection is the welcome, proffered to all comers, to the domain of forever friends.
Not to leave my friends adrift in the abandoning doldrums of the middle latitudes, the header & accompanying linked image is dedicated to Olivia.
Ah!, I`ve not yet succumbed to failure of memory. No, not yet.
On Planet Earth, upon noting a sadness in the slow progress of springtime`s advance, voiced by our other champion of all things "forest", AndiF, I included a panoply of what springtime has brought here, with the caveat that the blossoms be shared.
Now that the trilogy of special girls have been revealed, join me please in presenting these images to them.
Thank you , ladies.


Knucklehead said...

Now don`t be shaken by my tribute to you three.
You are really very special.

AndiF said...

Thanks Head. I am honored and I love my edges, though my favorite of the set was DSCN5621. And the "edges" in Pudgy's picture are pretty fine too -- I love those 3-D shots you do.

The wood sorrel, toothwort, and fiddlenecks are giving me a great show, the poplars and cherry trees have begun to leaf out, and the dogwoods and redbuds are getting ready to blossom. So I'm getting more spring in my step everyday. :)

Knucklehead said...

I posted that one to show the crappy piece of cardboard I use as a white backdrop.
The rectangle is showing how I`d crop the shot. What I should have done was put all four shots on one canvas. I`m actually getting tired of having to "clone" out the large fold in the stupid piece of cardboard I use. I had another piece with no lines but I have no clue where it is.
The Orange flower is the state flower, a California Poppy, growing wild in the yard.

The hills outside of LA draw thousands of people that come to see the orange poppies contrasting with Purple Sage . The hills awash in these colors go for miles & miles & miles.
If you wonder why I`m up, I`m keeping death watch on our cat Milo, who is living his last hours on the plane we call, now. Although I`m not easily influenced, some have yet tried to convince me to have him (pick any phrase you`d never use if it was your child)removed from his world, the only one he knows & one he counts on till the end. Dignity in death is letting Milo leave when he wants to. He`l know. But god damn, he`s one tough hombre. Some friends were over & Milo came over to say hi.
I told my friend Alexia, what was with Milo. She remarked about his skinniness. I showed her where to feel him with her thumb & forefinger to pet him on the lower back. She recoiled in horror at the nothingness of Milo.
It is unbelievable. I told Teri today that he was nothing but a puddle of cat.
Poor old soul.
What am I doing. Here you are telling me that spring is recoiling with growth & I`m on about the cat.
I should just post a little story about him, & leave it at that.

olivia said...

Thanks Head ... honoured too ... :*

Pudsy said...

I could just put you in a bun and eat you!! By the way, O and I are planning a visit to Malibu...RAWR!!!!!!!
Pudsy XOXO